Should Health class take over science instead of gym.

Asked by: HenryBoBenry004
  • Health class could be good

    It is good to have health class because, their are diseases in the world that people don't know. Some might know it, but they might not know the symptoms. Take AIDS for an example. I never had sex, and when I was little, I never knew that AIDS excised. To be honest, I thought AIDS were a type of food.

  • Yes It Should

    I know people say, "Oh, education is more important than anything." But I feel that a healthy body is the most important thing. I think that we should have gym all 4 quarters because sports relieve tension, and keep us physically fit. If we had health instead of gym, especially in the winter, that could get the risk of getting fat. I have health next quarter and I'm afraid I'm going to get fat. Plus, I think Health is actually more of a science. So some people may disagree but I think that health should take over science.

  • It's important to understand the fundamentals of how things work.

    Health in High School is not a science. Biology is a science. Physics is a science. Chemistry is a science. Health class looks at how to protect yourself from disease, the general pictures of how the body work, and puberty's effect on it. Science class looks at laws that dictate why the universe functions as it does. It's extremely important.

    Understanding how green house gases effect the climate, how the electrons in your phone can be used to output the visuals you see on the screen, the fission that's taking place in the sun, and many other things are key to understanding what is going on around you. It also helps you tell when you are being told incorrect assumptions and misinformation in the future. The sun is not going to blow up next year, increasing certain gases does effect the climate, your phone will not give you cancer, wearing sunscreen to block gamma rays from the sun is a good idea etc. The reason people come up with these ideas and the reason people believe them is they are not properly educated on the subject.

  • Education is most important

    Although being healthy is a great lifestyle and important for young kids to understand (through PE), there is so much to learn in the genre of science with no time to waste. Besides, gym is all about living a healthy, fit life, right? Learning about sex, drugs, eating habits, and a healthy life fits under gym more than science.

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