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  • No, absolutely not.

    I am not anti-fema in any way, at all, whatsoever. I just think that the CDC is the best, well, center for disease control in the entire world. They have great scientists working there who do a tremendous amount of beneficial and helpful research. Let them do their jobs. They're good.

  • Don't change a thing!

    I would say a huge and unequivocal no to that proposal. The Centers of Disease Control has a proven track record of dealing with health epidemics. The FEMA can't even manage to distribute water bottles to hurricane victims without a public shaming in the press. Let's keep them apart, like oil and incompetent water.

  • No, health epidemics should still be placed under the CDC.

    I think that the CDC should still be responsible for any health epidemic that occurs. When there is an epidemic dealing with something like a deadly virus, the CDC is the only organization that is well equipped to handle it. FEMA should stick to taking care of problems dealing with natural disasters.

  • not at all

    no, i think that the CDC does a whole lot of good for the world, and that they know how to handle all of the illnesses that are out there today. I think that they know what they are doing and how to stop any major disease that is here.

  • No, health epidemics should not be placed under the relief of FEMA instaed of the CDC.

    The Center for Disease Control has one extremely specialized job, and that is controlling epidemics. FEMA has several, less specialized, jobs. The stakes are so incredibly high in the instance of a health crisis that it would be foolhardy to entrust it to the less specialized agency. FEMA can certainly play a role in assisting the CDC in an epidemic, but the CDC should be calling the shots.

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