• Yes we must continue to implement health care reform.

    The United States' (US) health care costs exceeds $2.9 trillion dollars per year and is still growing. The Affordable Care Act (ACA), also known as Obamacare, starts to address issues with the system but it is not, nor was it intended be, the entire solution to the problem. Prior to the ACA there were 46 million Americans without health insurance and another 70 million not getting preventive care. The ACA starts the reform process but other changes are still needed.

  • Yes It Should

    I believe health reform should continue forward. We need to implement this new form of health care. I think the government could help the situation by implementing price controls on the health care industry so they are no longer profit seeking. We need to make health care affordable, as it should be, so all can receive the care they need.

  • Maybe some things could be different

    When it comes to the issue of health care reform that was passed by the congress here in the United States of America perhaps we could look at the issue much more in debt than before. There always could be changed to the Affordable Care Act to make things better.

  • Not by the government

    The problem with government implemented health reform is that the price normally inflates. This inflation of prices is due to the government involvement and the bureaucracy that is than se tin place that causes a higher amount of cost because of the time and man power needed. Also the fact that health care knows that the government is relatively clueless when it comes to the overall coast of things and can charge more without any fear of being penalized for it.

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