Should healthcare be a top priority when considering the next president?

  • It has to be

    Healthcare has to be one of the top priorities when considering the next president. Healthcare remains a major problem. Obamacare has not been the answer. We have seen costs continue to go higher with Obamacare. We need a better healthcare system and it needs to remain a priority. I expect it will be a hot topic.

  • Don't undo good work

    So far the Affordable Care Act seems to be doing what is was supposed to - get people decent insurance and cut down on waste - without all the increased costs and taxes and businesses closing down that Republicans warned about. Many candidates want to take back our advances so healthcare should be a top priority.

  • Too Many Important Priorities

    No, healthcare should not be a top priority when considering the next president. Yes, it should be one factor. However, there are too many other important issues both domestic and foreign that also need attention: national security, infrastructure, education, economics, etc. The top priority should be selecting a president that can address all of the important issues as they come up.

  • Healthcare is an extremely important issue, but not top priority

    Healthcare is an extremely important issue, but I believe that our foreign policy and racial issues are much more important currently. We have hundreds of people dying because of racism and scared cops and this is dividing our country even more than before. Healthcare is extremely important but we have to focus on the deep set issues in our country first.

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