• Because metal is the best of everything and pop so lame

    Im a metal head and pop music has no talent they just dance and use auto tune they are not musicians they are performers
    metal is so complex and just overall great i can blast my metal and i would be proud but if i played pop music i would use earbuds and then i would hate myself for listening to pop "music"

  • Yes, heavy metal should be played on popular music stations due to histroy and popularity of this genre.

    Heavy metal is a popular genre of music that has a rich history of rock and roll. Heavy metal music has influenced many artists over the years. Nowadays, heavy metal is a part of a mixture of pop and country. Playing heavy metal will influence many other new artist and should be played on a popular radio station.

  • It is popular

    Yes, heavy metal should most definitely be played across the major music stations, because of the large amount of fans that heavy metal music has. Also, I think that heavy metal is probably the fastest growing types of music around, and will keep getting more and more popular in time.

  • If It's Popular, Then Yes

    Heavy metal music should be played on popular music stations if the music truly is popular. Bands like Black Sabbath and Guns N Roses should be popular enough to play on those stations, assuming people who were young in the 1980s and 1990s request the song. Pop music is more about what teens want to listen to, and heavy metal isn't what's on the radio at the moment.

  • Yes it should.

    I think that heavy metal should be played on popular radio stations. I do not see why not, they have just as large as a fandom as any other music genre and I am sure people would love to hear some of their favorite songs and artists over the radio on their way to work or school.

  • Yes, heavy metal should be played on popular music stations.

    The heavy metal music genre has done well for itself for many years with very little mainstream approval. The genre has influenced many contemporary artist from pop to rock. There is a huge segment of the population around the world that enjoy listening to heavy metal or hard rock. Popular music stations should cater more often to this demographic by playing music they like to listen to.

  • I am a metal-head.

    The simple fact is: radio stations play everything from pop to country to alternative. But I have only heard a few stations that play metal. And those stations aren't very popular where I live. I would love to turn to a station that is known for pop and hear a good metal song every once in a while.

  • No it should not

    Heavy metal sucks so bad my ears feel like they are about to explode. Playing it on popular radio stations will make the majority of people, who like good music like lil wayne and kanye west, turn off their radios or possibly get into a severe accident. Heavy metal is almost as bad as dubstep.

  • I LOVE Metal, but . . .

    I feel like if Metal was played on the same stations as the auto-tuned idiots, then the once-popular musicians would start to believe that Metal was the next big fad, and they would start playing Metal. This would result in a bunch of poser bands, like Five Finger Death Punch. We all know this would suck.

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