Should Hebephiles have rights? It's exactly the same as being gay except it's for an age group. Do not be so judgemental

Asked by: richmond
  • Hebephilia is normal

    Usually a girl start puberty at 8-13 more or less they desire love, Sex, And relation even if they want a relation with an adult. The older men even at age 50 are usually attracted to underage girls at the age and plus some countries like Japan have 13 as an age of consent and is the most safest and most high quality country in the world so tell me why hebephilia because I can't!

  • Hebophiles should have rights

    Girls have developed closer to that of an adult by this age group. A majority of guys do prefer younger women, therefore it is only natural for some guys to be attracted to this and group. Also, children are being taught about sex and earlier age nowadays and therefore have the ability to make better choices about sex, and decide if and who they do it with, when they are at a younger age.

  • What the FUCK

    This supports pedophilia and hebephilia. Are you insane? This is fucking disgusting get a hold of yourself you fucking sick bastard. Youre the reason people think MAPs (minor attracted person) are fine, Even if they do end up offending? Jesus fucking christ get a grip on your life, Creep. Thanks.

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