Should helping the homeless be a social priority?

  • Help the homeless

    Homeless people try their best to live well anyway, and it is unfair that some people live well while others can't. It will be a better society where everyone's lives are bright and happy, instead of some people being wealthy and others poor. Therefore I agree that helping the homeless should be a social priority.

  • Helping the homeless should be a social priority!

    Working families, ex-servicemen and people who volunteer will get priority in council housing lists over those who are homeless or destitute under new Whitehall plans.

    Vulnerable homeless families will be rehoused in the private rented sector, often many miles from where they live, to free up social homes for so-called "priority" households, according to a government document presented to councils this week and seen by the Guardian.

    The government is privately urging councils to adopt housing allocation policies that favour "deserving" families, alongside draconian powers that in effect remove the long-established obligation on councils to provide a social-rented property to homeless families.

    The move, which comes as local authorities anticipate a huge wave of families presenting as homeless as a result of welfare reforms, is likely to accelerate the process by which poorer families in the private rented sector who are made homeless are shifted from expensive areas such as London to cheaper areas of the UK.

    A briefing to council officials this month by Andy Gale, a homelessness adviser to the Department for Communities and Local Government, said local authorities that adopted the new homeless powers in

  • No it shouldn't

    Individual responsibility should be a social priority. Taking care of yourself and your family should be a priority over helping others. Is this a selfish statement? Yes. Is it callous? Probably. However, I am not going to be told that I have a responsibility to help other people, and that it takes priority over my own personal problems and other problems that directly affect me. It is important to help them, don't get me wrong. But when I am struggling to get by myself, I am going to focus on my own problems over those of others every time. And others should be encouraged to do the same.

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