Should Henri Coanda's creation of the Coanda-1910 be cause enough to credit him as the inventor of the jet?

  • Yes, but not absolutely yes. But yes.

    The guys in the no's statement have some point about it, but lets think to the logic here. If Henri Coanda does not came up to the idea of "Jet Aircraft" there would be no jet ever built as for the logic. And surely he will be the one taking credits for not for not successfully flying the aircraft and there was no proper evidence. But for introducing to every one that Jet Aircraft is possible (at that time though). So yes he will surely get some credit of it.

  • Definitely: Coanda build the first jet propelled aircraft

    Inventor of the jet? If you let a balloon filled up with air free, will fly away because of the jet of air squeezed out. If you look at today turbo-fan engines which fill up the skies, they are in practice large ducted fans powered by powerful jet engines acting as large air compressors. Coanda-1910 "turbo-propulseur" had exactly the same principle of working. Don't believe all the bias constructed by only two English speakers in English Wikipedia.

  • Henri Coanda's Creation

    I personally think that Henri Coanda's creation of the Coanda 1910 be caused enough to credit him as the inventor of the jet because he was the creator. I personally think that Henri Coanda's creation should have his credit where credit is due. I personally think that Henri Coanda's creation gave him the name of his jet in which he created.

  • Yes it should

    Yes, I think that he made this new invention, that was used in making the jet, that he needs to get a whole lot of credit as the man who invented the jet. The jet would not have been made if this thing was not already made by Henri Coanda.

  • Conflicting Evidence And Patents cast doubt on Coanda's claim

    The plane that came to be known as the Coanda 1910 was first displayed at the Paris Aeronautical Exhibition in 1910. Although the plane featured an multi-bladed centrifugal blower that to the modern eye looks much like a typical jet engine, it was actually powered by a piston powered engine. In later years Coanda presented drawings and his own testimony that the plane was the first jet, and that it did fly - however there seems to be some doubt as to the authenticity of the drawings and testimony. Without clearer and unconflicted evidence, it would be premature to credit Coanda for the creation of the jet engine.

  • There was no proof the Coanda-1910 ever flew.

    He had the beginnings of the design for a jet, but there were still many major holes in his plane. What Coanda created was the building blocks for a jet plane. Yes, it was ahead of it's time, but there was no proof it ever flew. And even designs that Conada showed at a later date were reworked.

  • Henri Coanda's creation of the Coanda-1910 is not cause enough to title him Inventor of the jet.

    No, the invention of the Coanda-1910 does not justify his recognition as father of the jet. There is sufficient controversy, to this very day, surrounding the claims made by Henri Coanda. A number of aviation experts and historians argue that the Coanda-1910 failed to actually fly. Certainly, the work of Henri Coanda lead to the successful creation of jet power but not until other notable individuals refined and the developed the technology.

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