• Mafia like culture

    I thinkk the reason that they have not been closed down is that organized crime is in control of this company and threatens politicians and regulators so that they can continue their criminal enterprise. The FTC said they were a pyramid scheme but were not ALLOWED to use the word pyramid. Unbelievable. Best thing is for the morons that use the product to just STOP and get a life.

    Posted by: dudo
  • All so called MLMs should be shut down immediately!

    They just ruin the life of people making false promises with biggest hypes. They all have no right to live on the earth ! Their ethics are eaten away! They all are zombies! This world will be saved with their end! All they do is misleading and misrepresentation to take benefits of gullible!

  • Very clear from FTC it is a Pyramid scheme

    The FTC has clearly stated that Herbalife is a pyramid scheme even though they could not use the words "pyramid". The FTC head said while we did not "label" the fraud perpetrated by Herbalife we show the evidence to consumers so that they can connect the dots. Well, It is pretty easy to connect the those dots since they have stated that their business model was fraudulent and that they will not be allowed to harm consumers with this business model any longer. I am dismayed that they did not shut the company down due to political influence but it is crystal clear that the FTC head wanted to but was pressured into not using the pyramid label. I believe that the Herbalife execs should all go to jail and if not then god will make sure they pay for what they are doing. This goes for the mindless supporters who try and scam their own family to perpetrate this clear pyramid scam.

  • Should be illegal!

    All MLM companies skirt the laws and manage to operate businesses that only make profits when their employees get hosed. The regulatory agencies' attempts to prevent fraud are far behind the MLM companies' efforts to disguise themselves as legit businesses. Herbalife is the worst of the worst. The world will be a better place when they're gone.

  • Set a precedence

    HLF has gotten away with practices for years that need to be stopped. Exaggerated income claims, false product results and a litany of unethical behavior. I once had a distributor tell me the products cure baldness... The FTC needs to protect consumers AND vulnerable minorities who are targeted by HLF for the business opportunity

  • They exploit the poor.

    Yes, Herbalife should be shut down, because Herbalife makes its profits by taking advantage of people. The hedge fund manager that is so upset about Herbalife, Bill Ackman, is correct that Herbalife preys on the poor people, especially immigrants, and often times they don't even know that they have been taken advantage of.

  • all schems should be shut down.

    all pyramid schemes suck and should be shut down because no body but the scam artist at the top of the whole thing are making any money. its a big show to get evey one involed for a whole lot of work and not so much pay off unless you get lucky.

  • Stop the diet madness

    Personally, I'd like to see all the major diet related companies should down. I think they hurt more people than they help and the only winners are the shareholders. I'd like to see more government intervention to prever the obesity program in the first place. Then there will be no need for such services.

  • I love Herbalife

    As a in individual citizen, I must offer my testimony in favor of this magnificent company called Herbalife, because their products absolutely changed my life for good, first as a consumer and then as a sales executive, and thanks to Herbalife I make an honest living by helping other people.

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