Should heredity be considered when voting for public officials?

  • Genes are passed on

    Yes, this should be considered because many of the qualities that a parent has will be passed along to their offspring through their gene pool. A son of a politician will act the same, be as smart, and share the same values as their father before them who taught them.

  • No it shouldn't.

    I don't think heredity matters at all when someone is running for office. To consider a person's heredity when voting is basically racism. We should be more worried about whether someone is qualified for the job than what genetic qualities they have or don't have. If we focused only on how qualified the candidate is we would have a better government.

  • Values Trump Pedigree

    If pedigree due to familial relations was all American voters had to go on with regards to political candidates, we would live in a monarchy or aristocracy as opposed to a republic. Heredity should be considered when voting for candidates because someone can ascertain whether or not the family members were good for voters or not. Should one of George W. Bush's family members run for office, hopefully conservatives won't allow them to run for president.

  • No, heredity is not a consideration when voting for a public official.

    No, I do not believe heredity should be considered at all when voting for public officials. When making a decision whether or not to vote for a specific official, that decision should be based solely on the merits of the individual. One should also take into consideration their performance in their previous position. The suitability of the candidate to fulfill their obligation as an elected official should not be based on heredity.

  • Heredity doesn't affect voting.

    Heredity has no part in voting rights as of today. Not unless they are trying to say that voting is pre determined in the uterus by what your parents voted for in the past. When voting it is usually based on what you value in the two political parties. If you value life and choices you will be democratic if you value having limitation put on you. You would vote for Republicans. What would Jesus Do? Jesus never charged for healing others, he never charged for feeding the hungry. See this is where the Christians are confused in the politics. They think Jesus was anti-helping people, when you view the republicans, they didn't create Medicaid, Food Stamps or Medicare it was the Democrats that created these programs. Views are pointed out look at who acts more like Jesus. It is the democrats about helping others. Republicans are selfish.

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