• Liberty forever for all

    Heroin is a dangerous drug, it's terrible and damaging for everyone, it's basically poison with hallucinogen property's. If a certain person wishes to engage in the act of taking heroin, who are we to take that from him? He is an adult, and he should be responsible for his own actions. Government and the law shouldn't babysit you your entire life, idiots that are weak should die out, it's basic evolution.

  • Heroin and all drugs should be legal!

    The war on drugs is a failed effort. It has caused more harm than good. Education is the key to healthy people not criminal penalties. No government should have any authority to tell me what I can or can not put in my body. That is for me to choose, no one else.

  • My Body My Choice

    Yes it should. The government should have no authority to decide what a person can and can not put into their own body. If the government is given that right then it can do what ever it wants with anything. With anti-drug laws nothing really belongs to you, not even your self. You are a property of the government. We should repeal drug laws and give ownership over the body back to the individual.

  • Only the brainwashed suppourt anti drug laws

    People only see crime and death with opiates herion in particular. Not realizing that crime comes from inflated prices due to the difficulty of smuggling it into the U.S.A. and death comes from the impurities that come from dumb and greedy people not knowing or caring what happens to the user when they cut (mix) whatever they want into it ruining quality to increase quantity . If it was monitored for a certain time period with a regulated quality people would have an understanding of what amount would be safe and how much would be lethal, instead every high being a roll of the dice with your life. Also the government would gain billions in taxes and wholesaling it to clinics and whoever they decide to sell it to.

  • Legalize All Drugs Immediately

    I am a retired attorney and clinical social worker. I am also a life-long off and on user & abuser of many illicit drugs. I have seen the wreckage and even outright carnage strewn about after junk or meth or crack screams across the sky. And I also know the evil and desperation that drugs are capable of formenting in the human psyche. All of that being said, this so-called War On Drugs must end. Throwing addicts in jail never worked. It just shifted around a bunch of jobs and resources, like one of those carnival barkers with his "shell game" slight-of-hand trickery, without ever reducing the harm that drugs cause on humans and their society. A harm that, even in the case of heroin or meth or crack, is mostly caused by their illicit status and the criminal justice system, not their physiological effects, or even their emotional effects (as admittedly damaging as those sometimes are). One need only look to past pre-Harrison Narcotics Act history when up to 20% of the population in some cities was estimated to be addicted to opium or morphine in some form to see how cheap, legal access to opioids does not automatically spell total anarchy and destruction for a society. Indeed, turn-of-the-century America was doing quite well for itself thank you...And citizens, along with their doctors, made the decision about what substances to put in their bodies. Fast forward to today where the moderately conservative and overwhelmingly Catholic country of Portugal decides to essentially legalize ALL drugs for personal use. As expected there was a brief but small increase in some drug usage rates but after a few years that leveled off. Now in 2016, drug usage rates are significantly down--especially for the "harder" drugs--but more importantly, drug-related crime, overdoses, drug trafficking, and even overall violence in the country--including domestic violence--have all been significantly reduced in the last 15 years. There is now more and more evidence that drug use is driven by individual biochemical differences in brain anatomy and chemistry. Some who abuse drugs will abstain and move on with their lives. However, many will not. The time has come to try a different approach. Let's Legalize All Drugs Immediately.

  • Oooooh boyy..Its very good

    Heroin is very good and i love shooting heroin because it makes me fme n m feel very good and its rsvery goooooooooooood staff thatw hwelps me sleep eghwn my sday has vbeen full of bad things and heroin iv very gooood amd i am totally not addicted to it but i will sell my house to buy more heroin

  • Heroin is helpful

    When used responsible heroin is actually a helpful drug. Heroin when taken in proper dosages can help someone get past painful situations. Heroin when monitored properly can be a wonder drug. Running away from this awesome drug will make people try to get the drug more. Legalize heroin and make America safer and greater.

  • How to lower the heroin abuse in 10 years

    By providing free heroin to heroin addicts in simple terms we will outperform the illicit market for heroin. This will cause the heroin abusers do not need to carry out criminal acts to obtain money to buy the drug and they will have more resources to spend on basic needs that needed to have a better life with more opportunities. In addition, you will help to prevent brutal crime that follows from the mafia business that accounts for the marketing of the drug. When for prevent the financial gain by selling the drug illegally, you also get an end to recruitment to drug consumption and prevent a new generation will be affected by the drug's harmful side effects. Heroin addicts will also gain access to real heroin instead of heroin is mixed with other substances that may be even more harmful to the user. One can also limit how much heroin user should get during a day and offer tips and advice to avoid overdoses.

  • Murder is good

    Murder is an okay thing to do. Because obama has killed lots and lots of people. Hillary clinton and donald trump has said they will kill a lot of people. I is smart. You cannot do whatever you want without being killed. Heroin kills. I dont kill. I need income. Also darwins law of evolution. Pichu-pikachu-raichu! #teampopplio.

  • Abhi k shah

    Y e s. H e r o i n. S h o u l d. B e. L e g a l i z e d b e c a u s e. I s a y. S o. Y e s. Y e s. Y e s. Y e s

  • Legalisation is wrong.

    Heroin is illegal for a reason. I can't stress this enough. Its not about choice of the individual, heroin ruins lives. Look to the many council estates across England - its not the choice of the individual - it destroys users life, their family, friend and kids (if applicable). Invest more in strategies such as drug treatment, better drug prevention and smart enforcement. Wake up. Addiction isn't a choice.

  • Legalizing heroin will lead to widespread usage.

    Legalizing heroin will cause an epidemic of addiction and adequate resources do not exist to support such an increase in the number of hard drug users from a medical or rehabilitation standpoint. Once becoming quickly addicted to heroin, new users would become a burden on society as they would not be employable or reliable as family members.

  • No, it kills too many people already.

    Legalizing Heroin will also legitimize it, and that will be deadly for our young people. Keeping it illegal will make keeping children away from it easier. Heroin is addictive after only one or two uses. It cannot be compared to alcohol which is addictive only to a small part of the population.

  • It won't solve any problems.

    Just because heroin used to be legal doesn't mean it should have. When heroin was legal it was because there was not enough known about it and its effects. It became illegal because we started to see when can happen as a result of it use. It is my opinion that if we legalize heroin nothing good can come from it. No problems will be solved. My fear is that heroin use will be seen more. Right now (at least in my town) it is hidden for the most part. My children don't have to see it. I am afraid that if it becomes legal that those who use won't hide and our children will see more than we want them to or more then they should have to see.

  • It was legal

    Heroin and also cocaine used to be legal. The only reason the government put controls on them is the fact that so many people died from them. In the latter part of the nineteenth and earl twentieth centuries heroin was an over-the-counter drug. The problem was that so many people died of overdoses that the government put controls on them.

    I'm all for individual liberty, but the average person in the street has no idea how much they can tolerate and how much is an overdose.

  • Heroin is really dangerous.

    Heroin should not be legalized. Unlike weed, it is very dangerous and harmful to the body as well as addictive. People who use heroin are easily addictive and are sick and dangerous to be around. If we legalized it we might as well legalize meth and coke and other dangerous drugs.

  • Heroin does not only affect the user!

    The harmful effects of heroin use are felt by society! It makes individuals less economically efficient and more unstable! In addition, there are good chances that your tax dollars will be used even more extensively to help out addicts and the harm being caused. Heroin is VERY addictive, and will prove to not only be a bane for the individual, but one for society (and that is what must really be taken into consideration). For example, look at drunk driving. You may say the person has the right to be drunk in their car, it's their body. However, they are a danger to those other drivers. This is analogous to how heroin is harmful to our society.

  • No More Government Regulations; laws are good enough!

    The minute we start talking about "legalizing" any currently outlawed drugs or behavior, we invite the government to take control of yet another facet of our daily existence. Drugs like heroin, crack cocaine, etc. were made illegal for a reason. If all the people doing these drugs stayed in their own homes with no one else around them, then there is a chance that the only people hurt by their drug use would be themselves. However, we all know that the only way that can happen is for the government to attach stipulations to the legalization process, and what about law enforcement? How are they supposed to deal with the ramifications of legalized heroin usage? The government can't even get health care right, so I am all for minimizing their power over my life.

  • Heroin is the devil.

    Heroin is an addictive drug that should not be legal ever. Heroin ruins peoples lives. All the drug does is drag you down. It not only ruins the users life. It also ruins the family of that users life. Heroin makes one feel like complete crap and makes them feel like they can just neglect their responsibilities. No one can achieve any accomplishments using this drug. All the user will get with this drug is a really bad life, and will lose everyone close to them. This is a drug that makes users steal from their own family, just to get their own quick fix. No child should ever have to deal with seeing the use of this, therefor it should remain Illegal.

  • Heroine is too dangerous to be legalised

    The debate concerning the legalisation of heroine has taken two major points as the bases of argument. The first is to state that as a pain killer it has the quality to combat a range of life crippling diseases. While the counter argument has been to outline the addictive nature and detrimental affects it has.

    It is the issue of this post to express the weight of the negative argument. As it brings to lite the ongoing negative affects this drug has. Regardless of the purpose given for it's usage.

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