• Yes They Should

    Yes, heterosexuals should boycott marriage because it is currently not available to all people. Additionally, marriage should no longer be seen as an institution of the state but should become more and more a religious observation. There is nothing to prevent people from committing their lives to each other but there is no reason to makes this a matter of the state.

  • Marriage, sadly, is an outdated and failing institution.

    Heterosexuals, or even anyone for that matter, should refuse to get married. Not just for the spite against homosexuals, but in general principle. With divorce rates in the united States surpassing 50%, it is easy to see why one should refuse to get married. That means a modern couple has less than a coin toss chance that they will stay married. All the time, effort, and money invested in weddings should be a legitimate reason to boycott marriage.

  • Why would they do that

    I don't really see the point in this question. However, marriage should not be an issue for the government. Heterosexuals should be able to get married in a church or some sort of private contract without the government dictating weather or not their marriage meets their specifications. That way we don't violate the first Amendment by infringing on people's religious rights.

  • No.

    You're going to have to trust me on this one, but I am a homosexual myself. And I do think think that we should be able to marry, but that doesn't mean all the straights should have to go without it! I want gays to be able to marry because I think it is an important part of life, so I'd hate for someone else to miss out on it for me.

  • No, how would that help anything?

    Marriage is a legal status that ensure protection to both parties. Boycotting this institution won't help anything. Boycotts are used as a weapon to hurt a group or company that is doing something you don't agree with, which is why they work. Who is boycotting going to hurt? Those that are doing the boycott, that's who. Instead, we should put our energies towards making marriage available to everyone, regardless of individual beliefs.

  • No They Should Not

    Marriage is a contractual agreement that is entered into by individuals who choose to do so. Although there is currently varying opinions on who should be able to enter into such an agreement, to say those who are heterosexual shouldn’t marry is just as bad as saying those who are homosexual should not marry.
    Bottom line is that marriage is a civil agreement between people. In some states couples can be considered married regardless of not having a marriage license as they are considered to have a common law marriage. So, not having a license does not necessarily constitute not being married. Everyone has the right, or should have the right to enter into a marriage contract. To expect anyone not to do so is unfair.

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