Should heterosexuals feel threatened by gay marriage?

  • Can I truly question what is culturally vogue?

    Taking a quick glance at the people saying "no, nothing's wrong", I can already tell that it'll be tough to express opinions. This is exactly why people feel repressed; you can't go against what is socially vogue before being lambasted, even if you never meant to harm anyone. So now that everyone has learned that speaking out only invites ostracization, people learn to suppress their true feelings. This is how I feel. I know that people will respond by saying I need to man up, shut up. and keep quiet if I don't say anything pleasing. Is such an environment one in which common ground can be found?
    Looking at these arguments, so many are the "this is my reason, now agree or shut up". As a conservative person, in a time where all conservatives are seen as Bill O'Reilly, can you really blame us for either not saying anything, or resorting to obviously politically-incorrect statements, just because we are so tired of being criticized without being given a chance to defend ourselves?
    Just remember, this was not so much about gay marriage, but about the implications of the current social mood. If such close-eared, narrow-minded behaviors are exhibited by the majority, then what hope is there for a truly open discussion? Can we truly be honest with each other, all the while knowing not a word may be taken sincerely? In my humble perspective, just as it always has been and will be, what one has to say is only supported when the ruling political party's got your back.

  • If anything, Heterosexuals should feel good and Proud.

    Gay Marriage is about extending this right to a previously alienated class, the LGBT. If anything, Heterosexuals should feel good. Means that marriage is something people are fighting for, while they have the right to do it already. Teaches them to appreciate something that may be gotten as granted. For others, it's a reminding of the fight that their older relatives had to face decades ago, and something that should never forget.

  • Heterosexuals should not feel threatened by gay marriage.

    There is no valid reason that heterosexuals should feel threatened when two members of the same sex marry one another. Homosexuals have their own lives just as heterosexuals do. Heterosexuals have freedom in America and so should homosexuals. There should also be a question that asks "Should homosexuals feel threatened by different sex marriage?"

  • No, heterosexuals should not feel threatened by gay marriage.

    The biggest argument put forth by the GOP and Religious groups is that it violates the sanctity of marriage. This argument would hold up a lot more if priests weren't caught molesting children and divorce rates weren't above 50%. If marriage is such a beloved tradition that must be kept sacred, than why are they not condemning folks of their faith that get divorced? If two people love each other, want to raise life together, and promise to always have each others back, they are more than welcome to benefit from the same entitlements I receive by being married to the love of my life. Allowing gay marriages does nothing negative to the sanctity of marriage, or to heterosexuals in general. Who knows, maybe the gay population will sustain longer lasting marriages, helping the divorce rate and therefore bringing back some validity to the sacred tradition.

  • Does Liking Chocolate Threaten Vanilla?

    To expand on the title, suppose I like chocolate ice cream. Another person likes vanilla ice cream. Should we feel threatened by the different preference of the other person? I'm willing to bet most people have met someone, or made friends with someone who does not share their ice cream preference. I'm also willing to bet most people didn't care, and why should they? Making a different choice does not take someone else's choice away, nor does it devalue the other choice. It merely makes a statement about preferences.

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