Should Hezbollah agree to a peace treaty with Israel?

  • They need something in writing.

    Yes, Hezbollah should agree to a peace treaty with Israel, because there is not going to be lasting peace until there is something in writing. They needs to be a concrete treaty so that both sides know what the expectations are. Israel needs to defend itself until it can be sure to have the world's backing with clear boundaries.

  • Come To An Agreement

    Obviously all parties concerned would be far better off if Hezbollah would sign a peace treaty with Israel. This area has always been the site of disagreement and I do not believe there is a solution that will make all parties perfectly happy. The sooner they realize this dilemma and move on, the better off the world will be.

  • Hezbollah should agree to a peace treaty with Israel.

    The conflict in Israel is not benefiting anyone. Hezbollah should agree to a peace treaty with Israel in order to stop the violence. In this way, people on both sides of the conflict can feel safer. It is important that the world work together to bring peace to the Middle East.

  • We need stability

    There are a lot of competing groups, whether cultural of military, that are interested in the outcome of the Israel and Palestine confrontation. I think that it would be best for everyone involved is if there was peace and stability in the region. More of the groups would prosper if there was more peace.

  • Peace is always the right answer

    Yes, if the treaty is upheld by both sides, then a treaty would be the best way to go for both parties. War is destructive and it feeds violence into the young and up coming generation. If both sides can come to an agreement on what would better suit both sides then it would be for the better of everyone instead of one trying to overrun the other.

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