• Yes it should be. And especially after we nationalize our health care system.

    A healthier society will result in a more robust and all around better working nationalized healthcare system. Why wouldn't we want our government to step in and ban this shit? There are not one benefit in continuing to allow companies to continue using this in food proccessing. THIS SHIT SUCKS

  • Job of Government

    It is a very important role of the United States Government to protect us from known unhealthy products, As well as to inform and encourage us to make wise consumption choices. This will result in a pay-off dividend of a more optimumly healthy populations, Which has a positive trickle down, Or ripple effect to increase the health and wealth of this nation, And, By influence, The health and wealth of other nations.

  • High Fructose Corn Syrup DOESN'T Do The Body Good

    Hi, I wondered why I would get terrible headaches for no apparent reason, Until I started reading labels on ice-cream, Pancake mix, Syrup, And even candy. Well, Those are exact products I use regularly, But I've changed brands that DON'T include high fructose corn syrup. Organic products is what I use now

  • High Fructose Corn Syrup DOESN'T Do The Body Good

    Hi, I wondered why I would get terrible headaches for no apparent reason, Until I started reading labels on ice-cream, Pancake mix, Syrup, And even candy. Well, Those are exact products I use regularly, But I've changed brands that DON'T include high fructose corn syrup. Organic products is what I use now

  • Damaging health, teeth ,too acidic for my body.

    All highly processed foods are damaging our health, with high carbs, and very little other nutrients , putting the body in an acidic state which many serious health ailments thrive on. The food industry refines this product and our local Government adds fluoride to our municipal drinking water to prevent tooth decay, which in my opinion is counter productive to our health.

  • I agree with all prior posts - High Fructose Corn Syrup should be banned.

    There are other sweeting agents that can be used. You can shop around and not buy products with HFCS but you have to really do some digging into ingredients to do so. Americans are becoming more aware of this problem, but our kids don't understand the effects until they are grown and by then they are overweight and unhealthy. With both parents working in today's world pre packaged foods that contain this ingredient are being eaten because of the convenience. Americans need to go back to cooking healthy and not purchasing products with this ingredient so they are not supporting it financially. I also agree that all eating establishments should note whether the food contains HFCS. I do not eat anything with HFCS if I know it is in the product.

  • Look before 1973

    After 1973 ( my graduating H.S. Year ) obesity sky rocketed. Kids and many adults struggle with weight and I believe the #1 Cause is because they added HFCS into almost to EVERYTHING!!! WE WERE NOT FAT KIDS!!! YES REMOVE IT AND ALOT OF THE OTHER UN NECESSARY POSION!!! LIKE ASPARTAME!!!!

  • Because it has mercury in it.

    I want high fructose corn syrup banned because it has dangerous amounts of mercury and its fattening. I have autism and It effects me really badly can increases chances of meltdowns. Think of the people, Think of autism, Think of the health problems, and think about how banning HFCS can change the US and how much healthier everyone would become! Please ban this deadly ingredient! Thank you!

  • We need legislation that requires restaurants and other commercial food preparers to publicly disclose when high fructose corn syrup is used in their preparations.

    I don’t want to eat anything that contains high fructose corn syrup!
    When purchasing packaged goods from a store, the high fructose corn syrup ingredient is listed, and I can choose not to buy those products. I should have the same right to know whether or not the food I eat in a restaurant contains high fructose corn syrup, and I can decline to purchase food at those establishments.

  • Killing our kids

    Most if not all major countries have banned HFCS !! The only reason its not banned here is the FDA is weak. Its all about money and people in charge do not care one little bit. Its pretty evident to me that it is a deadly additive especially if Countries like China Canada and the UK have banned it. This country is getting fatter, and our kids will be lucky to live past 50 years.

  • Personal responsibility vs freedom

    HFCS is bad for you. Just like many other legal and harmful substances, it is your right to take this substance in if you want. There are better ways than prohibition. Namely, there is education and label requirements. HFCS in small quantities (like in a desert) are find. HFCS in soft drinks, food (such as pizza) etc should be labeled as "not a nutritious source of calories or carbohydrates" or something like that. You don't expect to get good nutrition from desert, but you do from your meals. Plus the stuff is almost as addictive as crack cocaine. Try cutting it out of your diet completely, and you'll see what I mean.

  • Nah, lets not

    Anybody that sincerely wants to avoid large amounts of this can do so pretty easily, people saying it's unavoidable are a little too dependent on premade products. I'll concede cutting it out entirely would be awfully difficult right now, but it's not in "everything." If people clearly trend towards making an effort to stay away from it more often, the market will adjust to that and do their part in limiting it as well, cheap to produce doesn't matter if nobody's buying it.

  • But Tax the Hell Out of it

    If someone wants to eat this crap let them. But it's so ubiquitous now you're practically forced to. Tax the hell out of it so that healthier sugars are for the most part more profitable for companies. People who really want to keep eating high fructose corn syrup should be free to do so even as everyone else is rolling their eyes at them and thinking "this guy's nuts".

  • Similarities and Differences

    Actually, Sucrose (Granulated Sugar and HFCS are very similar . Our bodies treat them both the same. HFCS is actually more stable. The really big difference is that HFCS 5% more fructose and 5% less glucose than sucrose. This isn't the only thing that may cause obesity or other problems.

  • Education NOT Government Control

    Advocates for various causes are way too eager to take away people's freedoms, and there are almost always unintended bad consequences when more regulations are passed. The war on HFCS will lead to greater use of dangerous artificial sweeteners. I'm already seeing Splenda and stevia extract (not the natural leaf but the chemical derivative) showing up in NON-DIET drinks. Food companies DO listen to consumers, so they ARE removing HFCS from many products and returning to sugar. But they are supplementing sugar with artificial sweeteners because sugar became too expensive when past federal regulations all but destroyed the sugar industry in the U.S. That's why the use of HFCS exploded in the first place. More government control is not the answer . . . There are always unintended consequences and then even more control is needed to try to fix the mess the first regulations created.

    Education and nutritional literacy is the solution, albeit not a perfect one, as we can see how that's worked with alcohol and cigarettes. But the bottom line is: Do you want to live in a free world or to live in a cage with all your decisions made for you? Neither one will be perfect, but I'd rather create my own utopia that have other people impose theirs on me. Now better labeling I can support, because that's empowering to the consumer rather than taking away anyone's freedom.

  • Human compassion over C.E.O. Salaries

    These big agriculture giants have been raking in billions of dollars selling this basically poisonous crap. They get filthy rich, and the multitudes get sick. Sickness is suffering. Sickness most often leads to death. Sickness greatly reduces the quality of ones life. You can get sick. You can be the next casualty of this liver toxic substance. I am already sick from a bad substance that the F.D.A. Refused to ban even though they knew for years that it was killing, and maiming people.It is not nice to be sick. Living in pain, and fear,hoping that you don't die, but knowing when you do you will not have to suffer anymore. This stuff is poison. Who do you want to save: your fellow human beings, and maybe you or someone close, or some big filthy rich corporation. Jobs will be lost, but where is the ethics, and morality in collecting a paycheck backed up by something that hurts so many?

    Baitkilled,maothers. Death sometimes seem to be alternative

  • ECONOMIC destruction imminent

    Your looking at a massive economic uproar from hundreds upon thousands of companies. Over 500,000 people world wide will lose their jobs. Besides this is a persons right to drink a coke, there are plenty of other options besides options with High Fructose Corn Syrup. And its not just Cokes or soda, you're looking at foods, teas, and even water bottle material

  • Government is not responsible for policing diet

    The government is not responsible for policing people's diets. I don't care if HFCS is bad for you, It is not the position of the government to impose edicts on the citizens of the nation, Their prerogative is to advise on issues and promote well being through education, Not through edicts.

  • The organic panic and the politically correct have over reacted and exaggerated everything. To the point that unless your a VEGAN your wrong.

    Everything is completely over exaggerated when it comes to food if it's not organic panic food ( and I've tried the stuff and it does not taste like anything coming off the farm or the wife's vegetable garden) it can't be good for you. Pop is being made out to be as bad as smoking. Yet pot is benevolent and is the cure for everything. I have friends who have collapsed lungs from smoking pot and personally know people who have developed lung disease form smoking pot. Smoking is smoking. There are also many people like myself and my wife who are allergic to pot in any form including hemp. And back to the organic panic food it all tastes like rubber with some undefinable nasty combined with it. The meat tastes like it's freezer burnt. And I would like to see them explain why people live to be 100 yrs of age eating this supposed horribly bad food. New and improved Fruit Loops now tastes like rubber too; no fruit taste at all explain that one; I refuse to buy it now. Maybe that's the gimmick make it taste bad and no one will buy It. And all that will be left is rubber tasting food. Then they will move on to Soylent Green. And they will all live in society like the one Demolition Man came back to. Where the top forty is Taco Bell commercial music and everybody wears a gay ( happy ) little rope. And all history is rewritten to match the new ideals. Just hope my 110th birthday come's before that happens. Only hope is normality holds out till then. But I will pity my kids having exist in that type of society though. Because when the politically correct and the organic crowd take over. Society will gorge themselves on Soylent Green and social degradation into one world government Nationalist Socialism like a chocolate éclair. Huh didn't work well for the Nazi's; wonder how it will turn out this time. Maybe it would be fun to hang out as fly on the wall for entertainment purposeses?

  • Of course not; an emphatic, “No!

    Very few things should be banned but unfortunately many are due solely to a wave of public hysteria (see DDT). There is no evidence that HFCS and pure cane sugar differ in effect. This passion to ban is a superstitious, Authoritarian, And dangerous practice that must not be encouraged. There are far more negative physiological and psychological consequences from smoking marijuana, Yet we witness a massive push for its legalization.

    There must be consistency in public policy, Otherwise the cause is suspect, As motivated by purely agenda not concrete science or the public welfare. A society driven by emotion rather than reason is fightening.

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