Should high school and middle school be mixed together?

Asked by: hunter_da_hammah
  • It's better to have one high school that goes from 7th through 12th grade; the high schoolers can keep the middle schoolers behavior in check.

    The high and middle school campus here used to be a combined high/middle school with 7th-12th grade, All mixed in among each other. Then 15 years ago they separated 7th and 8th grade from the rest of the school & gave them their own section in the back corner of the campus, Making them into a separate middle school; and the students aren't allowed to cross between the 2 sides. I think keeping them together would've been a way better idea because the high schoolers keep the middle schoolers behavior in check; making sure they don't act immature or like brats. I spent 2 years at the middle school, And let me tell you, It's a freaking zoo over there full of insanity. It's like they don't understand that they're not in elementary school anymore; you graduated 6th grade already bud, Those days are over. Thoughts/opinions?

  • Its better for middle schoolers to learn from high schoolers.

    During middle school years, You might be able to see high schoolers working and studying hard, Which will appeal on you to also work hard just like how a high schooler does. Also, Middle schooler habits such as playing more and learning less might get an impact, Making it into less playing and more learning. Since high schoolers don't have enough time to play but to learn.

  • No, I say not at all

    No. Middle school and high school students are kept separate for a reason. Big reason is safety. Also, At the local public high school in my area the drugs and/or gangs are common, Many of the students are actually not doing work/being rude to other students or teacher, Special needs students tend to get bullied, And there is so many that are pregnant or have been there is a daycare inside of the high school for babies to kids up until age 6 in the daycare (it's also free), The reason they put it in the school is so teen moms wouldn't feel they have to quit high school.

    While at the local middle school there was a small, Select few students that were in some form of drug or drinking but not as many in the high school, Bullying happened as well, Even some of the teachers were bullies (in particular if the student was special needs).

    I'm at a private school that does have grades 1st-12th inside of the school. It's a very small school, And 1st-5th grade is kept on one floor, 6th-8th kept on the 2nd, And 3rd floor is 9-12th and in another building they have the life skills/transition classes for those between 18-22 years old with special needs. Luckily at this school things have been fine.

  • How about homeschool

    Instead of sending your child to a place where they can be sexually assaulted, Shot, Fondled by adults, Or taught to saw off their own dick because they weren't born with the right appendage, I say to hell with middle school and high school.

    Just homeschool instead. You avoid all of the problems associated with the degenerate filth that normies call "peers. " Don't even get me started on female and male puberty lining up in the most dangerous way imaginable with mixed middle-high groups.

  • High school will fill bad and their level is defferent

    The middle school is middle school and high school is high school this topic is telling that lets make one scchool for the both. There is an reason already why they had seprated high school and middle school. High school look different and learn different. The high school student will fell bad if they are with middle school student. Just imagine u are 17 student and people are treating u as same as 12 years old kid. And if the middle school students will be show offing and will be flexing to youngers and will be just proud that they are high school student. And the middle school studnt can learn bad things from high school student. For example there are some bad and gangster student who smocks and do all in high school. And if the middle school student see that and follow them just because they are high school, It is not yet match to their age. It teach them bad thing and bad meaner and this is why i say no.

  • You could see penises in all the different stages of puberty.

    It would be so beautiful to have 6th to 12th grade boys all in the same gym classes. When they shower and change everyone could see all the glorious penises of all shapes and sizes. Small ones, Big ones, Hairless ones, Ones with big bushes, Circumcised ones, Intact ones, White ones, Brown ones, Black ones. Oh what I sight it would be!

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