• Yes, they should.

    I am a junior in high school. Although I do not do drugs I know many athletes who have. Not even steroids, but just "common drugs" (shouldn't have to use that phrase). But either way, if it be for enhancement, or for "recreational" use, ALL of the students who are on a team (not just sports) should have to be tested for drugs. Also alcohol is a major problem too. This should be tested for as well. It is not appropriate for someone who others look up to to be doing bad things like that. "Lead by example, not by failure."

  • The Usage of Drugs

    Whether it be anabolic steroids or cocaine, whatever the case. Atheletes should be drug tested. Those whom are getting an unfair advantage because of illeagle substances should be found and confronted. Why should those who are doing their best naturally be faced against those whom did not but by the assistance of drugs.

  • It Makes Sense

    High school athletes around the country are getting athletic college scholarships for their work on the field or court. Obviously there are multiple players who have those "unfair advantages." I would hate to ruin the possibility of taking away an athlete's dreams of going to college and later being pro, but they need to understand that they're doing the same to some other player who isn't taking steroids.

  • DRugs be bad

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  • High school athletes should be tested

    People on a sports team in high school should not be doing drugs any way. If the know that they are getting tested they wont do drugs. Plus if your on a sort team you are the leaders of the school and you lead by example so if your the star player on your team and you're doing drugs those who look up to you will follow what you do.

  • Yes it is

    All sports athletes should be tested for drugs this will put everyone on an even playing field. Except cheerleaders because cheerleading is not a sport. Furthermore all students above the 8th grade especially athletes should be drug tested at least 1 time through out the year. Athletes should be tested during their athletic season.

  • Yes they should be.

    There are a lot of high school athletes that get away with doing drugs or even drinking. Just because they might be one of the top players does not mean that they should be allowed to get away with these things. I am a junior I high school and I've played varsity sports since I was a freshman and I have never once thought about going and doing drugs to get hyped for a game. Someone needs to put a stop to this and if the parents are then the school needs to.

  • Drugs Are Useless

    All drugs do is ruin peoples lives / career over time during the usage. High school athletes should get drug tested because it's first off illegal, second they risk getting caught using it and thirdly they will be sent to prison if tested positive. Drugs are not your friendly friends.

  • Drug testing should be allowed

    Athletes should be drug tested because an athlete under the influence affects the team, coach, and the school. Drugs can affect the person's motor ability, concentration, and critical thinking skills. Thus, if an football player has been smoking a joint, he wouldn't be able to outrun his opponent. Resulting in a game lost. The team will be pissed since they put in their 200% and the player didn't care enough about his team to stay drug free before competition. The coach is going to be disappointed and the school will be seen as a place for students to do drugs with lower grades and crappy sports ability.

  • Cause i said

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  • Does it matter? Look at the reality.

    However I do not support the use of any kinds of performance enhancing drugs nor any drugs for that matter, I can safely say we are missing the big idea here. Let's compare this to a regular day in the investment business. Do you feel it's fare for some people to invest and get hundreds of dollars a day out of nothing while others have to work in back breaking jobs to get a bare minimum? Is that considered fare? Maybe it is according to the society we live in today, but deep down inside we know its not fair. We just looked at the "unfair" aspect of things. What about the mere aspect of just cheating. Is it any different than commercials which are being put on television to persuade the consumer to buy ? I think not, they tell you lies with hidden data that the average person may not know. This is the exact form of cheating that companies use to expand and grow, and win the ever expanding race for money. Lastly let's take a look at the people that use the performance enhancing drugs. I can not provide exact data but I can safely say most will struggle with health problems. How is this good? Well it's not good for the people and the people they are supported by, but it does get rid of the "cheaters" to make them stop doing what they are doing. This is a long-term effect, but if you cheat you suffer the consequences. The use of any kind of drugs is not good and should not be done, but do understand it will all balance it's self out, and just like the smaller businesses trying to catch up to the bigger businesses they will just have to deal with it.

  • Schools Shouldn't Drug Test

    I do not believe public schools have any right to drug test students. I believe if a child is functioning well in the classroom and is also participating in extra curricular activities (any sport or club) and doing well in that as well, then there is even more reason not to test them. If a school suspects a problem, then they should bring it up to the parents, not issue privacy breaching drug tests.

  • No they should not.

    High school athletes should not be drug tested for no reason. If the coach or teachers have a reason to believe that the high school student is on drugs than I think they should be able to report their suspicions and get them drug tested, but I do not think they should be the ones doing it.

  • Way to Expensive

    Did you know that most school boards can't even buy books to help kids learn? If you add you add up the average people on all sports teams and multiply it by 24(the average cost for a drug test per person), It comes out to more than 2. 5 million dollars. The schools would have to do this every year. This isn't even adding the varsity and junior varsity teams.

  • Let us smoke weed

    If we want to SMOKE WEED let us smoke don't try to control our lives. Also let us drink however we want let us party, let us have fun. If i want to smoke weed that is up to me not you. If we want to play sports, but we don't not want to give up parting let us.

  • No they shouldnt!!!!!!!

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  • No they should not with out suspission

    I live in a small town if the school drug tested us we wouldn't have sports lol if the player in question gets reported then they have a right to drug test them but they shouldn't do it randomly . Students in high school will have there fun shouldn't matter what they do its there choice not ours

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