• Yes It should!

    People seem to think that high school is just a stepping stone to college which is a stepping stone to make money. I disagree, I feel high school exposes students to a lot of general things opening up their minds to be more accepting to new ideas. It summary it makes students more open minded which is a very critical trait to have for future leaders of society.

  • High School should be compulsory just like primary school

    High School is important for children to get a good education, students can't just learn everything they need to primary school.
    High School can help students find a good carrier, it can help them to become more social around other students. Parents won't have stay home or look after them.

  • We do not want dumb generation of uneducated U.S. adults

    We learn a myriad of crucial and important information in high school that is imperative to a functioning society. Without a proper civics class, a generation of adults who don't even understand their rights, government, or representatives voting in our elections. Without a proper high school education, there could be adults whose writing and reading level is that of an 8th grader. Imagine having a 30 year old that can't write better than a 13 year old. Furthermore, as technology exponentially improves, jobs are becoming more and more skill-based, and without a proper education, thousands of Americans will be jobless and be living off of government aid, which comes out of the pockets of who? Us, the tax payers.

  • Why shouldn't it be?

    We all know how the world is advancing nowadays. Education has become more or less a necessity for every child. We must not stop learning after primary school. We cannot be left behind. Our secured ticket for a successful life in the future is only by education and this cannot be limited to only primary levels. We need to get adapted with changes in our societies. High schools actually help broaden our intellects and also prepare us for our future by allowing us to explore our talents in school.

  • College should be compulsory:

    You hear no end of people complaining that their fellow men are not educated enough. How in the world is it possible to then allow them to not go through a continued education program? However there does need to be an extreme revamp of how it works and modern HS in some countries (America) are sort of crap and honestly "skippable".

  • I'm not so sure.

    I truly don't believe in the education system, nor do I believe that school is or should be a main source of knowledge. Nor do I believe grade constitute how smart a person is. But i can tell you if school had not been required for me to get a good job in life i would not go. On top of that i'm poor so its not like I could get it elsewhere.

  • 'I have never let my schooling interfere with my education.'- Mark Twain

    A love of learning cannot be brought about by means of coercion and a sense of duty, and without that love, nothing has been achieved. Modern schooling was not designed with the best methods of education in mind, rather the tradition was inherited from old religious schools the express purpose of which was to 'break the will' of the child and have them learn scripture by wrote without any thought to understanding the deeper meaning of the text. High school is an oppressive place, it encourages kids to cram for tests and then forget it the moment the walk out the exam. People graduate either apathetic or hostile to learning. Further many of the 'skills' taught at high school maybe useful in getting into college, but considering the glut of college graduates perhaps they would be better off learning a trade.

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