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  • Need More Time

    I do not believe high school days should be shorter. The local schools here run from 7:45 to 2:45. That's a mere seven hours a day for five days a week. If anything the hours could be lengthened slightly to allow more time for pertinent subjects that are skipped over at this time.

  • No, high school days should not be shorter.

    High school days should in no way be shorter. If anything they should be a little longer. Especially if you are in the north and have snow days. You have to make those days up and if your days are shorter and you have to make up those hours your going to school until July. Kids need to stop being lazy.

  • No, but a different schedule is needed.

    High school students are at an age where their biological clock compels them to go to bed later and sleep for longer, so starting the school day later would be the best option. Alternatively, increase how long the school day is for four days and be off on the fifth, so they have a three day weekend each week to recuperate.

  • High School Days Are Okay

    High school days should definitely not be cut shorter. In fact, it should be made longer. When a student goes to school, he or she is able to learn thousands of new things including social skills, tips about life, and of course the school work. A student often spends too much time outside of school getting into bad drugs and other poor choices.

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