Should high school girls be allowed to play with boys in contact sports?

Asked by: rdawe2018
  • It is a discrimination to the girls

    High school girls should be allowed to play with boys in contact sports. Why cant they? If they are equally strong have the same skills as them boys then they are qualified to play with them. Being physically strong requires training. If girls who wants to play with boys in contact sports have enough training then they can be as strong and grasp the same skills that the boys have. Just because societies think that girls are not as par as boys in sports doesnt mean that the choices should be taken away from them.

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  • Men good, Women bad

    Women live in cave and care for child. Men hunt and gather. Women do not tough, Men do. Men hunt, Men gather. Women stay in cave, Have no muscle. Men bad, Women worse. Men tough, Men awkward with women. Men good, Women bad. Women make men feel bad. No men and women.

  • Yes yes yes!!!

    I'm in 7th grade in my school the middle school is 7th and 8th. I really want to do Wrestling everyone except my mom agrees with me, the rest if my family, the coaches, along with the boys themselves want me on the team. Like legit everyone supports me except for my mom. I am aggressive, I am physical, I am strong, and I am positive that with tops 2 weeks of conditioning and training that I will be ready. I've never set foot on a wrestling mat but I hope my mom lets me. It's diffrent, because u can't say ALL girls are equipped to play contact sports with boys. Because some aren't, but if ur strong enough, built for it, determined and focused then we should be able to play sports like football and wrestling.

  • I´m a female wrestler

    NONE of my teammates ever feel ¨uncomfortable¨ or ¨awkward¨ or ¨threatened¨ wrestling with me Y´all are honestly so stupid if you think it unmoral or some shit. And girls can´t just go start their own team there are so few of us that we have no support and yea i have a sexist coach who refuses to put me on varsity because im a girl not because im not good enough because im ranked top 10 in the country in my weight class.

  • Not necessarily true

    If there's girls who have the same skill set as boys and are strong enough they should be allowed to join. Its unfair to immediately say no, because if the teacher/coach says I isn't safe for the girl/s to play then its different but providing that it is safe and that they arent going to get hurt I don't see why not

  • It endangers pre-existing inequality.

    The status quo ALREADY accepts women in contact sports, specifically for men. There are many instances where women can join these sports and it is not officially recognized that they should not—see title IX, which upholds an individual's rights to fairness in activities, and disregards gender as a limiting factor.

    Julie Harshbarger, Katie Hnida, Patricia Palinkas, Lauren Silberman and Jennifer Welter are all semi and professional football players who compete in the field predominately full of men. There are hundreds, if not thousands more in the high school and college level who can compete in this gender disparity in the present day, and they do so effectively.

    You can turn on the television nowadays and watch professional teams of women who regularly play contact sports and are watched by millions. Rugby, wrestling and hockey are all accessible to women because they can handle it, take on the physical pressure, take on the mental stress and the presumptions that are brought with any sport. I can grab a bag of popcorn and watch women tear out another lad's eyes; or hell, a guy's.

    The assertion that women are not fit biologically to take roles in sports dominated by men is absolutely ridiculous. Women can supersede physical capacities of men in many areas and several of the women I have listed above have seriously INJURED some men on the field.

    Still, the negative can argue that - in general - girl's can be outclassed by guys in the realm of physical ability, regardless of these specific instances. There are several counts why this is a wrong assumption: First, being in this kind of sport incentivizes girls and women to train, to work up, to succeed in this environment, so in the end that difference can be ultimately mitigated and even superseded, but second, even if you don't buy that argument, there is no reason to reject females from entering these sports when they are both capable, and willing to do so. What's more: it has been documented that women may present special advantages to the sport itself, which cannot be unaddressed.

    There is no conclusive evidence that a female present on the team jeopardizes group cohesion. There is no conclusive evidence that women are at a disadvantage statistically.

    The resolution asks if they 'should' be allowed, which implies an evaluation on morality. Keep in mind that the negative argues against the status quo, and advocates to reject females where otherwise there is no problems with them.

    It's senseless to say we should reject women from these sports.

  • Girls aren't as Strong as Guys

    It's the truth. Girls would get hurt if they played football alongside guys, and when they got hurt, the school board would end up responsible.
    If girls want to play football or other contact sports, they should have a girls team.
    Also, girls on the team would make for some very awkward moments in the locker room.

  • Girls should not be allowed

    Girls shouldn't play with boys in competitive contact sports such as football, wrestling, rugby, etc... Because although it is understand that oftentimes a girl will be stronger than a boy at the same weight, that doesn't give them the right to intrude on the normality and balance of an all boys team. And besides, if girls are tougher than boys, or girls are stronger than they look like I have read in many similar polls, then why don't you girls go and start your own competitive team? Men don't refuse to allow women to participate because they are sexist or think that men are stronger than all women, it is because a girl playing with a group full of boys makes many, if not all, of them uncomfortable and possibly concerned for their safety.

  • No problem with special considerations, but mostly no

    For the most part, there's a reason they're separate. Girls tend to be a protected species in many ways, and I'm sure even if she was the toughest girl going around, if a guy seriously injured her, even within the rules, there would be groups who I genuinely believe would try and get the guy in trouble. I think it's messy, and I think there are few male spaces left, and sports teams are really a brotherhood of sorts (or sisterhood). There is something about sports, especially team sports with a reasonable risk to playing the, that lends itself to being a one gender space.

    Girls who want to play should do their best to form their own teams and leagues. MAYBE when they can't the girl, if shes tough and has no problem mixing it with the boys, and the team has no problem letting her in on popular vote, then maybe she can join. But I think a girl playing a contact sport with boys should do it because she's "one of the boys." She has to understand the reality that the guys don't want to go soft, and that she's got to do everything that do.

  • It should be separate for each sex so that the game is fair.

    There should be boy's football and girl's football, boy's tennis and girl's tennis. Why? Because boys are naturally structured in a way that gives them an advantage in sports.
    It isn't sexist, it is just preventing a team from having an unfair advantage. If the opposing team had more boys than girls, then they would have an unfair advantage.
    It's only fair that girls have their own teams.

  • Girls should not compete in coed sports

    They are not as strong as men, they get hurt more easily than guys, it puts the males on the team in a very poor situation, and their attention is diverted from the competition to worrying about embarrassing themselves in front of the girls on the team, also they now have to worry about getting their job taken away by a female.

  • Think about it this way.....

    If it should be allowed that girl's can play a boy's sport, would it be fair if a boy played a girl's sport? Of course not! People think that it's okay that girls can play because they should get the right to. But, what would the locker room situation be? I sure as hell know that a boy wouldn't be let into a girl's locker room. So, would it be that same the other way around? Probably not. So, if that's the case, would a girl have to go into the boy's locker room for football equipment? Would a boy have to go into a girl's locker room for softball equipment? I just don't see the point of this argument.

  • Girls are stupid

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  • Nope they shouldn't.

    High school can be a weird time for kids. After high school who cares, but in high school, where boys are trying on a regular basis anything they possibly can to cop a feel or steal a kiss, coed sports, coed locker rooms, coed bathrooms, heck even coed biology lab can be a bad idea. When I was in high school I did track (coed in a sense) and there were lots of naughty things going on during bus trips. Call me old fashioned, but sexual promiscuity severely disrupts a teenager's learning environment.

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