Should high school graduates take a year off before entering college?

  • Yes so much yes

    I think taking a year off after graduation is a really good move. It gives the student a chance to figure out what they want to do with their life and at the same time it helps the kid unwind after a very stressful highschool. You get to discover yourself. I'm in college right now, but i wish i had taken a year off to just figure everything out and make money.

  • You can discover who you really are.

    When you the a full year off before entering school you can learn more about yourself then ever before. You can learn how you process different things, how you handle different situations. You can't truly know yourself until you give yourself time to do so. While taking a year off after high school you can do so.

  • You can discover your passion

    If you spend this year working full time, then you will probably be motivated to go back to school so you won't be stuck in this same job forever. You will also have sometime to discover what your passions are. I suggest working full time and then spending some of that money to travel and discover ideas, culture, and thinking outside from your hometown. I wish I had taken a gap year!

  • Experience the World

    You can always go back to college. But you're only so young for a limited time. Live life and experience the world. It could really open yiour eyes up to the world and discover other jobs you might want to pursue, or if you would like to live in a different country. Maybe you'll find your true love. The possibilities are endless! Just make sure you are prepared to go back to college.

  • They need family time

    They need to spend more time with there family and have a little fun with friends after high school. Plus if they got a year off they can study and find a job and a good collage. So yeah its basically free time for graduates a longer summer or spring break.

  • High School Senior here

    I am an avid supporter of taking year off before college. The most break teenagers have had is summer which is only three months. They need to get an idea of what the real world is like. I plan to do some volunteer work and get a better job than the minimum wage one I have now

  • Stupid Topic; Simple answer

    Yes high school graduates should be required to take a year off before heading to university/college because too many kids drop out halfway through because they don't have any interest in the career path. Thousands upon thousands of dollars are lost, some people even go into debt because of it

  • Helps save money

    A gap year gives you time to save a little extra cash so you aren't enslaving yourself to debt when you enter college. It will also give you a chance to experience what a full time job looks like, which may change or solidify the degree you are looking into.

  • Gap year !

    I am a senior this year and I myself want to take a gap year, it helps me take a break from the stress of school and focus on what I really want to do in life, it will help me save money to help through college, I think its very important to take a gap year, you will have more of a want to go and make something of yourself.

  • Yes you knows giiiirl

    It will give you motivation to get back on your feet and get an education once the real world hits you and you realize minimum wage isn't going to cut it. Also, it gives you a break and time to relax after working your butt off for a long time.

  • They Technically took a break in their senior year

    High School Seniors these days (if you have selected your college school) don't really do much. They know that they're going to a college and they know they're next step in life. They're all settled they don't need to stress out because they already have a selected school. If it's not a full scholarship then since they know they're going they can invest money then. Plus, I'm gonna be honest here if you suffer in junior year than you're gonna chill in senior year. Also if you take a gap year you're technically procrastinating.

  • I don't plan on waiting

    I feel like taking a year off makes it too hard to go back. You get the taste of freedom and to be honest who is going to study over a year OFF from school. It might feel nice to have some time off, but I feel like it makes it harder to go back.

  • Don't wait, get on with the next step.

    If college students wait before they go to college they are going to want to keep putting it off until it soon becomes to late to go. Also if students take a year off the are more likely to forget what they have learned throughout their high school years. Students will find themselves working and not having time to go to college, to where if you went straight into college the students could find a job to work around school.

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