Should high school kids be able to choose their own classes?

  • We have freedom to choose what we want to learn

    One advantage of allowing students to choose their own subjects is that they would pay more attention at school. Students will take greater interest in their studies and get higher grades when they choose their own classes. Research shows that students' grades are on average 10% higher in the subjects that they are inately curious about

  • Yes they should

    High school students should be able to choose their classes because students have a right to do what they want. We are a free country. Collage students get to choose so why shouldn't high school students. All people should think this and this and all other reasons are good for high school students.

  • They deserve a choice!

    Yes because they are responsible enough to choose subjects that pertain to their passions and interests. Also they're grades will improve tremendously because they will have more interest in what they're learning and will work harder.I'm not saying they should have complete control over what they will learn just open more subjects to optional classes but important class like math should be required to be taken.

  • I think students should have full control over their high school classes if they are expected to know what they want to do in college.

    I completely vote yes because of many reasons. One of the reasons being the fact that we should all be well rounded individuals, but there comes a point where the things that the students learn is just being learned so they can pass the test. Most of the time students go to college doing what the enjoyed and what they were good at. In school students are spending more time working on the harder classes that they most likely don't like, when they could of been spending more time on the classes that they are good at to get better. People that are good at something who then go onto be better is what the world needs more of. I completely think that students should take Math, L.A., History & Science, but I think that after eight grade it becomes much more specific and you would only use the things that you're learning after that point if you were to major in that specific topic. Some may say that that's what college is for, but if for example someone wanted to be an English teacher that person in High School could take classes on English and classes revolving around English. That way if they were to major in it, they obviously enjoy that subject and are most likely good at it. That then allows them to get into the best school for their major, without the pulling down of their GPA from Math & other subjects that don't pertain to their major. In college that's when the students should learn the specifics on teaching and learning about the kid's mindset of the ages they'll be teaching.

    That was just an example but you can make it your own. We all need to be well rounded in all the fields of study but after a certain point which I think is eighth grade, information in the classes become very specific unless you were going to be majoring in that topic.

  • Teens need to make their own decisions

    Remember that adults put a lot of pressure on teens to choose a career path for themselves. By doing that, wouldn't it make sense to allow them to choose their own classes? It works against the adults to shove a teen into a pile of classes that serve little to no benefit and only distracts them from the career path (considering that they have chosen one.)

  • Yes, they should

    Students are wasting their time on classes in high school that they most likely will not use in the future for their job. I think focusing more on specific classes that have to do with what he/she wants to be after college will help out everyone. Kids will be more educated on their job, and that more advanced and farther ahead.

  • Yes, They should,

    I think they should be able to choose there own classes because students will get very bored and not interesting in classes that don't interest them. They will want to better and they will be more focused and it will also help them when they go to college. Students will love being able to choose there own classes and it will make them way more interested and less stressed.

  • I like this Idea

    As a Sophomore I like this because I feel limited in school right now. I also do not want to jeopardize my 3. 8 GPA by taking Biology and English II. I would rather take classes dealing with weather and having a class where I can write book reports on books that I read, I would love to write a book report about the Tanks of TOG, Which I'm currently reading. Overall I feel that how the school system is setup it will destroy my GPA.

  • Why am I taking Biology if I want to be an Architect?

    The classes are chosen based on what you did in middle school. The level is determined by what you need (i. E Foundations algebra) And to those who say they won't choose the classes that benefit them, Have their parents do the course selection with them. Of course we need to be well rounded but cmon, Middle school was enough. How are we supposed to learn valuable life skills if we aren't in control over the most basic aspect of our lives?

  • Of course they should be able to.

    Yes if not how could we grow as a world if were all taught the same and learn the same there would be nothing new in the world the same old boring things. Need to waste words real quick so like me just type 6 more now im done :)

  • Students should not choose their own classes

    Students would not choose any classes that will help them in future times. Students will choose all of the easy classes and not have any knowledge of reading, writing, science, and math. Classes will be to full for there teachers and they might go insane. Students should not get to choose there own classes.

  • Why choose your own class fym

    You guys are dumb for thinking this. Your classes are chosen for a reason. Its to help you learn what you need to so you can get into college and out of college. If you chose your own class you would choose the fun classes and not the important ones that you actually need in life.

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