• All kids should play sport!

    Kids need to keep fit and playing sports really helps because your running around all the time which helps you exercise a lot. Kids should try something new because they might like it and want to do it way more then they use to. So that is why all kids should play sport.

  • Kids should not be forced to play a high school sport.

    I understand that kids need to stay fit, and sports are the main way to do that, but when sports get tangled with school is where I have a problem. First of all, there are a lot of people who are really not adept at physical activity (I being one of them). When kids like these are put onto the same teams as other kids who are really good, it is almost always extremely embarrassing, and the kids who are actually good at the sport get frustrated with them. It's a lose-lose situation. Furthermore, dealing with this for long periods of time can lead to lessened amounts of self esteem which could eventually lead to depression and suicide. High school children already have much lower levels of self esteem than people of other ages. Why should we make this worse? The last main issue that I have with required high school sports is the amount of stress it causes. I personally go to a school where they force us to play a sport, or we won't graduate. Throughout four years of school, we must play six seasons of sports. Because of this, I have spent countless hours wasting away, unable to focus, because of the horror I know is waiting for me during practice and games. This distracts me from my homework, and I now find myself struggling to understand topics that I would have understood if I had been able to focus. I know many people would counter me by saying, "Suck it up. I play eight sports and I just got into MIT." To this I respond that not everybody is a genius and goes to a really easy school. Also, my anxiety levels have increased dramatically, and I find myself dreading each new day. I'm not a psychologist, but I get the feeling that this is not healthy. And I know I'm not alone in my misery. In addition, think of the potential of the academic system if, instead of sports practices, we had extra school time to meet with teachers and complete our homework? It would increase our global competitiveness in education, and it would ultimately help the world become a better place. Many people also make the argument that playing a sport helps kids with their teamwork skills. I can tell you first hand that it does not. The kids who are not good at the sport will always go home everyday without the support of their team. In fact, their team members will often chastise them viciously for what feels like is physically impossible for them to do. Also, there are other ways to teach teamwork in school. For example, group projects. These are arguably better than sports because they often require more effort to communicate with each other. In conclusion, I believe that schools should not force kids to play a sport because it's cruel, inefficient, and ultimately pointless.


    I think high school kids should not be forced to play sport because what if the kid is mental or has a disabilty

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