Should high school students be able to drive and risk their life

Asked by: jzm920
  • Always better yes

    Okay, Teenage Drivers require learning, but so does everything. You have to learn at some point in time, and the sooner (probably the better). You have to give teenagers a chance to learn. It's not like all teens are flying going 120mph down the highway. ANY AGE COULD DO THAT EVEN THEY WANTED TO. Its more about skill (after being taught) then age.

  • Whats the difference

    Some teenagers are not good drivers because they're new at it. Thats not really their fault. The way i look at it, is that a brand new 16 year old driver will probably have the same driving ability, IF NOT BETTER, than a brand new 30 year old driver. I just think its easier for younger people to pick up on new skills. But there is always a period of error involved.

  • Pretty sure they already risk their futures via public education.

    How about we be honest: If we all die, should we not emphasize the quality of life, rather than the quantity? Students have no less fundamental rights than any other citizen. Driving is only a risk to one's life in the circumstances of poor judgement- like a gun, it is only lethal when used irresponsibly. And while a wreck will always occur on occasion, the benefits reaped from driving far outweigh the negatives.

  • Yes, they should.

    Should 30 year olds be allowed to drive and risk their lives? The same question applies for anyone so why ask about a certain age? It is pointless and can be offensive because believe it or not there are responsible teens out there. So you have to ash the same question of yourself.

  • Lol imma rebel

    I just wanted to be the only person to say no . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . .

  • You should have to wear a seat belt

    Do u wanna die??? H h k k k k k k kk k k k k k k kk k k k k k k k k k k k k k k k k k kk k k k k k k k k k k k k

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canwegetalong2020 says2016-01-07T19:02:59.823
Everyone needs to get around and kids just suck at driving from watching too many tv shows and movies.