Should high school students be allowed to wear their preferred hairstyles in school?

  • It does not affect in a negative way at all!

    Not everyone is meant to have short hair cuz some people don't suit in that style and want to set their hair they way it looks good. No one is going to judge some kid with long hair and say that its a bad school, If anything, Short hair is only gonna make students feel less confident and think that they are looking bad, And that can distract them from their education, Instead of worrying about the school's image so much by following such unecessary rules it is more important whether the students are getting their education right. That is what we go to school for, To learn, Not to look stupid and attract more people to the school for their profit

  • Invasion of Privacy

    It's everyone's right to decide how they wish to wear their hair. It simply shouldn't be something a school gets to decide, It's an invasion of privacy. Also, Being creative from a young age helps individuals grow and figure out what they really want and who they are. Furthermore, Name one good reason that they shouldn't. Individuality is a right not a privilege.

  • Expression of Self

    How are we supposed to be able to be our best selves and have confidence in ourselves if we’re unable to express ourselves in a completely peaceful manner? Mental health is important, And how are we supposed to be mentally healthy if we’re unable to be who we want to be? If we can’t be our true selves, We’re going to feel trapped, And that’s going to lead to anxiety and depression, Which also leads to anger and rebellion.

  • Support individual rights

    Schools don't know if a student is having a hard time and is that student wants to express his or hers sadness with creativity? What about showing your individual worth? Some people, Like me, Live for that rush of a thrill, And letting creativity shine through. Why can't students do that too?

  • It is ridiculous

    Students should have every right to grow their hair in their style. At least rules can be made for hair length and not hairstle. It's like you're saying that a normal hairstyle gives you good grades and a stylish hairstyle gives you bad grades. It helps an individual to express themselves and to become a rounded person in society. How would you feel if an officer stops you on the road and tells you, You can't wear that type of hair. They are taking away the basic human rights of these students. I think it shouldn't matter once the student is performing well in school

  • Students should be able to express themselves

    As Long as hairstyle doesn’t affect studies, I don’t see why a rule must be implemented. Maybe a rule can be enforced on very Long hair but not hairstyles. High school is a time where everyone would care about their looks and to build a more confident personality. If students can express themselves better, It would less affect students and make them care less whether they look bad.

  • It shows character

    Girls should be able to wear their hair down because it shows character and maturity. How girls wear their hair to school doesn't affect how they learn or think nothing changes apart from their appearance and sometimes confidence as many of my friends have told me that the feel much more comfortable and confident as having their hair down hides their "flaws" or just makes them feel better in general and i completely agree with them because i feel like my hair hides the fact that my face is kind of chubby and it hides some of my acne too, my hair is like my safety blanket and not having it down to make me feel better about myself makes me feel anxious and i'm constantly worried about how i look throughout most of the day. So in conclusion girls should be able to wear their hair down because it doesn't change how they learn but it also helps with self image and confidence.

  • Whats so bad about designs

    What is it that schools don't allow hair designs. I understand their worries about gang related designs and of inappropriate designs but that's why they should address the kids with those certain designs not the kids with just a normal good looking design. There really is nothing wrong with hair designs a student should be allowed to cut his hair as she/he pleases. Now yes there are also certain extant to a hair design. I'm talking about simple single shaped design and something small that does not cover your whole head.

  • Come on school really

    We should be able to choose what hair style we have equal rights like teachers, teachers at my school have crazy hair colours (private school) I just recently joined this school and the uniform lady told me to cut out all the blond out of my hair I had it for 2 years and I loved it like that so we should do something about and band the rule it’s nuts

  • Teachers are not the parents.

    Its the parents job to make their children be self sufficient. Its the parents job to teach the culture to their kids. If the culture or religion requires you to grow your hair, you should have that right. Teachers are not part of that families culture or religion. Teachers are only chosen to teach reading writing, arithmetic, science and history. But history is questionable, since it is censored.

  • It's not a time to do so

    Cause students in higher schools cannot concentrate in their studies. The will only waste their time in styling their hair. They will waste a lot of time. And that's not the age for the students to design their hair. It is only the time for them to concentrate in their studies and achieve good marks for their better future!

  • They are against the right of the students if they are dictating them what to look like

    I also experience this kind of problem. Always stand and fight for my rights. . If they want me to change my hairstyle according to their wants, Then I should have tell them that hairstyle has nothing to do with studying. . My teacher always wants me to get a proper haircut, But I always reply them that I won't be smart on just by having or doing what they want. . As long as I can, I will fight for my rights, Even that is an order of the school, I will always stand for what is right. . ;):):):):):):)

  • Uniformity is the main aspect of schooling

    There should be uniformity in school. That's the reason why we prefer a dress chord in school. So adopting a standard hairstyle for school is also essential .It contributes positively towards the decorum of the school and community and also towards the personality of the student. This is essential to build a better future

  • It Benefit An Individual Not School

    The is no Good Advantage of Coming With A Hairstyle To School because it benefit the individual not school and hairstyle doesn't dertimine your school marks it won't make you pass either if are stupid you are stupid a hairstyle Won't Make You Pass so they must not allow them

  • Disrespect is shown to school

    When wearing your hair however you want it may show something inappropriate or in a messy like way. This shows disrespect to your school and that your schools image is profound. When out or in school and people see you. What would they think? That you are messy and sloppy with no respect and imagine what it would say for your school.

  • Because i have to

    I don't really know what to say for my argument and the god dammed heading would not go away so I have to write bloody something, But I am definitely against it so you don't have to worry about that. I was using it because I need to find information in a debate where I'm going against a BITCH so I kinda have to do well and this website looked decent enough.

  • Student should not be allowed to wear fasionable dress in school

    School defend compulsory uniforms on ground that they improve behavior, Build spirit, Develop a student sense of belonging and define the school identity. Distinctive uniform is not simply and exercise in conformity but a connection to the rich history of school and a symbol of its distinguished community. Thank you

  • Health and hygiene

    If children are allowed to wear the hair open it causes many health risks. Some could miss school which could affect their academics. Untidy hair shows disrespect. Parents would have to may alot of money for fancy haircuts. It shows neat presentation of the school and looks neat and formal at the same time.

  • Hueheuheuehue hueheuehu hueheue

    Because it sucks... When wearing your hair however you want it may show something inappropriate or in a messy like way. This shows disrespect to your school and that your schools image is profound. When out or in school and people see you. What would they think? That you are messy and sloppy with no respect and imagine what it would say for your school.

  • It is not Right

    The fact is that hair length has an effect a child’s education. If a child is so distracted about their hair length and can not follow rules, it will affect their education. 3 in 5 people would agree that parents are behind this rebellion of dress code rules. This only teaches the child to be rebellious in their own lives. Children should spend time on their education and not how long they think should be able to wear their hair. If children can not follow the rules now then they are going to have a tough time in the future.

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