Should high school students be forced to play sports?

  • Yes they should

    Sports teaches you to have teamwork, to work hard, gives discipline, and best of all if you didn't win or get 1st place you still know that you gave it your all and didn't give up. Then what that turns into is you might get a scholarship then that turns into you getting a job.

  • Fuck Yes Bitches

    You should play sports for many reasons so all the bitches can hop on yo dick. And you should because its just fun to fuck up other schools that you hate. Also it impresses other hot ass bitches from other schools so you can get their snap and get some booty/pussy pics. Im telling ya sports is the key to sticking it in! - LJC

  • They should be, yes.

    How can any student maintain a physical fitness if gym or sports were taken out? Lots of kids nowadays dont do anything outdoors. Exercise not only builds your fitness, it also boosts your brain power, which can help you do better in school and improve your grades.

    There is tons of students that play sports and maintain honors. In the end it just comes down to the students motivation to do well in school. If the student shows a lack of good grades, it maybe because they are having difficutly learning what they are tought. Lots of teachers really only focus on one of the learning styles like: audio, visual or tectile which can lessen the chance of the student retaining that information.

  • The Answer is Obvious

    Of course kids need physical activity, the problem is that they don't want to get up and do it. Generation z has more technology that is tempting, it sucks us in. Fewer of as actually feel the urge to get up and do something. If schools require students to get up, they might remember what it feels like to actually do something. For some kids, it might be the first time they DID do something. I'm not saying that all kids will get hooked on sports but those who do can stick with it and do it for a career if they want to. Those who don't want to can deal with it for the school year(s). Nobody will require them to make a job out of it, THEIR is THEIR choice. So yes, I think kids should be required to participate in school sports

  • Sports should be required

    Sports improves physical health, develops social skills, builds self-esteem and confidence, it could even make you go places through that sport,make new friend.
    If you have asthma carry a asthma pump and do something with less running like discus. Sometimes its nice to try something new and you should not limit yourself.

  • Healthy and happy.

    Unless a student has some physical impairment that prevents them from physical activity. Classes like physical education should be required. All too often, kids get little if any exercise at home. This can and often does lead to health issues like chronic obesity. Because kids may not get adequate exercise at home, having them exercise at school becomes more important. Sure, we could have them do calisthenics like push-ups, or have them lift weights, but that does not sound like much fun at all. Sports, on the other hand, provide more entertainment and even fun along with giving kids the exercise they need.

    Note: This is talking about sports as part of a physical education program and not being part of the extra curricular sports team(s). Tho it may be a good idea if they want more recognition for college, many students may not have the additional time or means to be a part of the schools sports team(s).

  • Isn't it obvious

    The kids have got to do sport to strengthen their bodies. It incourages team work n also it develops their social skills. Pople nowadays are getting more money from sports than from professional jobs so its an advantage of sorts to do sports and academic activities than just books. If i were still young id get into the field andreck havoc on them

  • He he he

    Kids could be getting active and wouldn't get fat from eating potato chips all day they could learn how to bond with. Ore than just food and technology even if you're not athletic you can still try and possibly succeed thats all I got I don't have another word in me

  • No on no

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  • Yes of course!!!!!!!

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  • No one should be forced to play a high school sport

    I'm in high school my self and I'm forced my self...And it SUCKS like foreal, for example my dad wants me to/( Scratch that FORCE ) me to play basketball and he wants me to have all A's by the end of the semester. I mean yeah thats fine by me but I can only do one or the other. Yes some people can and yes it possible but not for me right now. And the thing that gets me the most is that most parents see it as giving up and not seeing it as being strong enough to focus on a more important matter.Also it's not like im that one guy that doesn't get involved in nothing. I ran/run Cross Country and im gonna go out for track too and/or Tennis. And if thats not good enough then thats his problem.

  • Its your own decision

    If we force kids to play sport for their own good we should ban alcohol because is it is worse. If you are going to make it compulsory then other bad things should be banned as well. The student could spend the time instead of doing sport on other things such as studying and doing activities that will actually help them in life

  • High School students should not be forced to play sports, since they will stop and lose any gains after high school if they did not wish to do it in the first place.

    High school is the end of primary education, and generally the first place students have a chance to learn and educate themselves in more specialized subjects and curriculum, its more of less a place to get a feel for certain subjects, and fields. If someone wants to play sports there are many chances for them to do so, if they did not wish to do it they wouldn't. Considering its main purpose is to prepare you for the rest of your life with a good start, making someone do something they have no interest in doing is counter productive.

  • No High School Student Should be FORCED to Play Sports

    In high school there are many academic and economic things to consider while being a student at an high school. One you must consider that time management is an important thing while taking classes and playing sports. I am in high school and participate in Cross Country, and Wrestling. These are good sports that can help you be more conciseness about physical fitness with a draw back. However maintaining good grades is more important than playing in a sport. For example a student may pay more attention to there sport than there grades. Some schools don't require students to maintain a high GPA to play in sports impacting there future career. Also sports could cause students to leave there beneficial or favorite clubs. Second with economic reasons a student with a paying job may be forced to quit or focus less on there job that supply's them money. Overall it should be the individuals decision (Especially in High School) No one should be forced in to a sport activity EVER.

  • Too much pressure

    In today's society, There are many pressures on the shoulder's of our next generation. It's bad enough that they have to try to meet so many standards in order to considered successful or "being something" (going to college, Getting a job, Buying a house, Etc. ) Playing sports only adds stress, Especially with all these crazy parents that are obsessed with the idea of perfect Timmy winning ANOTHER trophy just so that they could show off to their neighbor Jessica.

  • I agree physical activity is important

    I have no problem with exercising nor running, I actually enjoy doing these things in PE. Though I never really knew how to play any sports like basketball or football. The fact that I didn't have any experience in playing any sports didn't mix well with those who play it whenever they had the chance. I was always put up against someone more skilled and most of the time I was put into a position in which I didn't know what to do. It always ended the same, We lost and someone on my team would yell at me. This is pretty much the reason why I never actually tried in any sports we played, I never understood what to do and no one bothered to help me rather just yell at me.

  • Is this even a question?

    The school shouldn't decide or encourage what we want to do with our health or bodies. You wouldn't want to be forced into a job you don't like because it's good for you. If you support forcing students to do physical activity you're a judgemental idiot. If we want to get fat that's none of your business.

  • Parents shouldn't force kids to play a sport their don't enjoy!

    I get forced myself to play school rugby and i hate it so much! Didn't so much in primary but now im in senior school and it sucks by them forcing to play with don't want to play later in life etc and get a bad relationship with your family and their pull the make you feel sorry for them saying like your a disappointment card which gets me sometimes or the bribes but this year im changing

  • Just hit the gym screw sports

    In high school people ask, “what sports do you play?” Then once you get into college people ask, “what are you studying?” If your going to have a career in sports play them but yoh shouldn’t be forced to play lmao. I did wrestling and it was so gay it took away most lf my time in school which lead to bad grades.

  • No one should be forced to do something, anything they might not enjoy.

    If health and physical education is a concern, then educate them.But forcing high school students or anyone for that matter,to participate in a sport they don't enjoy will only make them hate it later on in life. And after high school they'll do whatever it takes to avoid exercising and sports because in high school someone made them grow to hate it.

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