Should high school students be required to take anatomy classes and know more about their own bodies and health?

  • Yes high school students should be required to take anatomy classes.

    Students should be mandatory to take anatomy classes for proper understanding of how their body is built. Many people float through life completely unaware of how they should take care of their own bodies—not knowing what to do other than see a doctor when something is wrong. Many are even unaware of what integral parts work together in order for the body to function properly.

    The human body is amazingly complex and it needs care, love and understanding. It’s because of this—as well as the general lack of understanding—that I believe every college student should be required to take a human anatomy and physiology class.

    One of the things I loved most when I first came to Eastern was the low number of specific classes that were required to graduate. I had so much freedom to pick and choose what I wanted to take within a specific framework and, in fact, when looking at the general education requirements for EMU, I only found two classes that are actually required without any wiggle room: composition II and fundamentals of speech—and even these classes have loopholes, because with the right ACT score and high school experience, it is possible to get out of taking these classes as well. And I never saw anything wrong with that.

    Many students figure out how to write decent papers before coming to college and adjust fine without taking a college level writing class and many others will never have to face public speaking, so taking a class on the subject is not all that vital to them.

  • Yes, it is helpfull.

    It is helpfull, so why not? Of the many hurdles along the way to a career in the healthcare field, one of the first that many of us find ourselves facing is a series in human anatomy and physiology. Completion of these classes is required for consideration in a broad range of healthcare programs.

  • Yes, high school students should be required to have adequate anatomy classes.

    Knowledge is power, and that is especially true in the case of young people and knowledge of their bodies. Anatomy and, by extension, sex education, are crucial topics of discussion for high schoolers. When they are not well-informed, they will tend to make irresponsible choices. If we want to eliminate problems like sexual transmitted infections and unintended pregnancies, young people need to be taught about it in school.

  • Yes, students should learn more about health.

    Yes, I do believe that high school students be required to take anatomy classes and know more about their own bodies and health. It is a shame when people grow up not learning how to take care of themselves. A health class that taught students about nutrition, exercise and how to care for their body would do a great service.

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