Should high school students be required to wear uniforms?

  • Yes, uniforms are more tolerant of diversity.

    Yes, high school students should be required to wear uniforms, because wearing uniforms is a good way to help students whose parents don't have as much money to feel like they fit it at school. Uniforms are more tolerant of the fact that a student body is diverse, especially in a public school setting.

  • U do not get to show ur creativity, and ur style

    U do not get to show ur personality and creativity !!!!! It's not cool it's really not cool to wear the same thing all over again and again and again. And u get the point they are realllllllly boring not cool awesome creative, and they R bold and u get hot easily. I know this because I have to wear u inform, every time I go to school, and trust me its not cool at all is not, wasn't and never will be thank I please support me on this ifmu don't like uniforms!

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