• We definetly need free periods.

    Kids are tired after a long hard period or just need to blow of some steam after a long hard day. It also gives time for students to bond because students are never always guarenteed to be in the same class. That means that friends could only be in the same class for only 45 minutes a day and not even get to talk to eachother!

  • Study time with friends and pers.

    Yes they should b/c they will have more time to study for tests, Work, And to do homework. It can also be used as a time to study with your friends and get their opinuons on things. They can go ask what their grade is in a class and if need be they can ask what they can do to make it better.

  • People need this to relax from the continual stress at schools

    People need this to relax from the continual stress at schools people need this to relax from the continual stress at schools people need this to relax from the continual stress at schools people need this to relax from the continual stress at schools people need this to relax from the continual stress at schools

  • I'm with this

    Less stress on the students. They deserve to rest for a bit. You see being a teen is very stress full because of school and thinking about responsibility and more other things they will need to learn in life. So I think this thing is very good for others and for me as well in 1 year.

  • Yes yes yes

    A free period grants a student free time that can be used for studying or completion of homework. 35 seniors here at Orcutt Academy either have free periods and many students plan to have them later. Here at Orcutt Academy, seniors have a great luxury in the opportunity to have a free period. If seniors have a 3.0 GPA or above and are taking a class at Hancock, they are granted the opportunity have a free period either first period or sixth. If approved by a counselor, they may also have a free second or fifth period. The opportunity to have a free period is great because having one means less classes so students have less subjects they must think about; therefore, a student can theoretically spend more time on their homework assignments. Senior Zarek Lazowski says he enjoys 2/3 having a free period because he can “take Hancock classes and have more time for homework and a job”. If a student misses a test he/she can use the time in the free period to make it up, instead of having to miss more valuable class time. It also gives a student extra time to socialize so they don’t feel the need to in class. Also, having a free first period gives students time to add to their sleep for the night and function better in later classes. Tyler Westover says, “I sleep in,” when asked about what he does with his free period time. There are many reasons for having a free period for students, and I am grateful to go to a school that allows this option for its students.

  • We need Free Periods for requirements in school.

    In our school, free periods are already being implemented and it's really helping us because of our endless requirements. Yes, school is for learning but we will not learn if we won't get enough sleep because of the requirements that we need to do. Sometimes I utilize Vacant period for sleeping if I wasn't able to get enough sleep last night or still doing the endless requirements that was given to us by our teachers. So I say YES.

  • Anxiety at school

    My teachers are stressing me out and I am having anxiety attacks every day at school from the overwhelming mess of teachers packing on so much homework. I could definitely use a free period. The only thing is is you can only get a free period if you are ahead of all the kids in your classes.

  • Students are tired!!!!

    They need a break. Students have at most, 9 hours of school plus also high school students get a lot of homework so add like three more hours of work. Some students also have sports and clubs that take time from the day. Buy the time they get home its around 5:00 to 7:00 and they still need to do homework. So if they get a free period it would hep them out a lot.

  • Yes, of course!

    Sometimes, without a release, your workload is just way too much. A free period would give a person extra time to start their homework. Also, if a student completely loads up on AP classes, they need time to do the work. A free period should at least be an option.

  • Obviously yes yes

    If there has been a fight going on at luch or break students will have that time to relax and calm down.
    If they have been good the could be rewarded with free period. And if a student feels sick this could help them rest until a parent at lest gets to the school

  • Yes they should!

    Okay, school is stressful enough and with a free period, if you use if effectively, you'll be able to catch up on work, study for tests or exams in advance, finish homework, and ask teachers for help if you need it. Sometimes, we get a lot of homework, we have to stay hours up at night to finish it and cram for exams, free periods will give us more time to do so. SO YES

  • School is where you go to learn, not play.

    There's no need for a free period in school. Either shorten the school day to give students more time in their day for their own personal use or find another elective for them in that all important final hour. But the free period nonsense has got to stop, it's just a waste of school resources to keep students around if they're doing nothing.

  • More Education is Needed

    Typically, a student has 8 periods a day, including lunch/free periods. Instead of having 7 periods of learning each day, schools should have a minimum 8 specifically for learning. If a student learns for 8 classes, more will be learned, GPAs could be affected less with lower grades, etc. What I mean about this is that if you have A's in 7 classes, but a B+ in one, your GPA would be a 3.94, while a regular 7 class course with the same scenario, would give you a GPA of 3.92, thus more classes can equate in higher GPAs, which is clearly a benefit.

  • Less structure may mean more problems.

    Giving everyone a free period to catch up on sleep, as some have mentioned, or catch up on homework makes little sense. Students will figure out how to get there work done. Home is the place for sleep and homework. A local school is planning on giving every student this free period during mid morning - seems especially unnecessary for sleep and homework catch up.

  • High School years are important

    For starters, high schoolers shouldn’t get a free period because they won’t focus in school. What is the point of going to school if you are just going to play on your phone. Plus, high school years are very important because if you want to lead a successful life, you need to get into a good college. And tapping buttons on a device all day won’t help you.

  • Could help your GPA

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  • I want a free period but i have to go against this for a debate at school.

    One of the points that i have is that school is where you go to learn not to play. We already have morning tea and lunch. My other point is that free periods are for studying but usually teens cant focus on studying and just muck around. Therefore they are wasting valuable learning time.

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