Should high school students get a lot of homework?

  • Yes, they should.

    In college, the amount of homework is exceedingly high as compare to in middle school. Many students should experience these conditions because it prepares them for a greater future in college. The more they endure, the more they get out of it. Most junior-high school teachers are too lieutenant about homework, therefore, students are no quite prepared for the extremities of high school.

  • Yes, they need to.

    In life, you learn a lot. Often times you forget new knowledge if it is not applied immediately. Homework is the best way to solve this. Give each school grade 10 minutes of homework, multiplied by the child's grade level, per core class. Yes, I know this means 9th graders get 6hrs of homework and 12th graders get 8hrs.

  • Yes, they should

    When I went to high school, it was an absolute joke. There's no way I should have graduated on time, but I did easily, with multiple study halls my final quarter senior year. Kids are not being worked hard at all, they need to be taught some amount of diligence from being assigned a consistent workload and one that matters if you do it or not.

  • I think they do already.

    I think to an extent, high school students already get a lot of homework and like I have said in previous arguments, I am for homework. Having to do work outside of school is very beneficial for the students, as it will help keep the material learned from class fresh in their minds.

  • We have jobs and lives too

    As a high school student, I work a full-time job, as well as go to school for several hours of my day, but if I don't go to school, I can get arrested for truancy. The schools already take up most of my day, so why should I have to go home and do more school work for a class that's teaching me things I will never have to use in the real world? I work and go to school, don't I deserve a little downtime too?

  • Barely but not really

    Students spend 8-9 hours a day at school, washouts they spend more doing homework at home which is their free time. Too much homework messes you up and stresses you leaving you depressed. From first hand experience I have known this to be a fact. Students in highschool get a lot of homework that instead they should get to relax. Many students also do extracurricular activities and sometime work.

  • Only a moderate amount

    Once you get to college, the workload can sometimes become overbearing and a lot of lifestyle changes have to made in concession. Why do you think college kids binge drink - they've only got one night free to do so. As far as high schoolers go, let them have their leisure time. A little bit of homework here and them to keep them disciplined will be plenty.

  • Some but not a lot

    Homework is an important part of education. It allows students a chance to show they understand what they learned and get apply it outside the class room. I don't think it takes a lot to prove this though. 10 to 15 minutes of homework per class is more than enough. Any more and you are doing more harm than good.

  • High school students should not get a lot of homework.

    High school students should not get a lot of homework. There are other things that they could be doing other than homework. Most schools assign three to four hours of homework a night which adds up to a total of eleven or twelve hours of non-stop school which is harsh.

  • Schools Give Too Much Homework

    Schools of all levels these days tend toward giving too much homework. Children and adolescents need time to play, socialize and develop the interpersonal skills they need in the adult world. They already spend most of the day in school, then often go to extra-curricular activities. When they go home, there needs to be time for peer and family socialization, and too much homework prevents this.

  • Jobs, Social Life Also Part of Teenager Experience

    Instead of more homework, teachers should be more lenient on kids and let them just be kids. As teenagers, sometimes kids get jobs and have social lives outside of school. Add in things like sports and the life of the American teenager gets busy very quickly. Instead of more homework, there should be less homework so high schoolers can have more well-rounded lives.

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