Should high school students get as much homework as they do?

Asked by: tyleremery2383
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  • Not quite as much.

    Let me preface this by saying that although I don't like doing homework, I agree that it is necessary. I am not doing this because I'm just a lazy student who doesn't want there to be homework. I truly believe that schools give students too much homework.

    In high school, students often receive more than one assignment each night from the same teacher. This by itself can sometimes lead to a couple hours of homework a night. Now consider that students more often than not receive homework from more than one teacher each night. This combination could potentially become an extremely long night of work. Yes, I agree that homework is necessary for students to succeed. However, is it really necessary to bog them down every night with two hours of [insert subject here] homework and another three of [insert subject here]?

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