Should high school students get paid for good grades?

Asked by: susandietzel
  • All about the moneys

    Students that get paid who school would actually try in school instead of just slacking off like how I once did. Students in High school always complain about they don't have money and they search for jobs making them not have enough time for homework and exhausted after work. Giving money to kids who do good grade would increase G.D.P. Give the opportunity for high school students to work harder and still get some money for what they want to do

  • "School is your Job"

    In high school my teachers and parents all tell me "school is your responsibility, school is your job right now. You need to perform well or you won't succeed. School should be your main focus". They tell me that they come to work every single day and do as they are expected, so we need to do the same.

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  • Please please read

    If you are like myself i go to school for a half day have a half hour lunch then go to a technical school to learn a trade for my career. I have no study halls or anything like that. Its purely school then welding. Approximatly an eight hour day, same as your average work day. But then i get home, eat and off to work i go for the res of the night. Get home about 11 at night get showered ready for bed then i have to do the homewotk from my five academic courses and technical school, sometime im too exhausted to finish the homework resulting in bad grades. If i got payed for my schoolwork i wouldnt need to work so much outtside of school and cqn have at least a little time to still "be a kid" while.

  • Adults get paid for doing a good job at their work.

    My parents and high school teachers say that school is a teenagers work. So shouldn't we as students get paid for coming to 'work' and doing well at our 'job'? I think if we do a good job, behaving well, paying attention to the teachers, turning in more than at least 85% of assignments, and getting good scores on tests, we should get paid. It doesn't even have to lots of money per student. Even just 10$ a class would be amazing! Students would strive to do much better. Class would be quieter, and teachers wouldn't be interrupted as much cause the students are paying attention to them. If they do better in school, they will have a better chance to go to college and succeed in life. So students should get paid for doing good in school.

  • Yes, a little reward wouldn't hurt.

    I don't think high schools should offer rewards to students for good grades, but if families wish to reward students with good report cards, then it can be a nice little treat. It shouldn't be done in a way that the reward is huge and comes across as a bribe or incentive, but more as a small reward or celebration for something well done.

  • We are teaching them to work for money

    If you are financially educated you would know we are teaching them to work for money and they will expect that for the rest of their lives and they will grow up to be in the poor and middle class instead we can teach them financially by showing them how to make their assets make money for them like example the staff (at let’s say a dollar tree) works for the company and company pays staff because the company is a strong company and the money the staff make goes to the owner. In conclusion instead of the district wasting money on a program that teaches kids to go to the poor and middle class let waste money teaching them to work for money and be rich.

  • No, high school students should not get paid for good grades.

    I believe that high school students should not get paid for good grades. Giving money for grades sends the wrong message. Kids don't get paid to go to school; it is a requirement. Kids should want to get good grades for the intrinsic satisfaction that good grades give them. If high school kids want money they should go get a job.

  • High school students should not get paid for good grades.

    High school students should not get paid for good grades. We should not have to bribe our children to do well in school. We should expect them to get good grades no matter what. When we have to start paying our kids to do good in school is a mistake.

  • Good grades lead to them getting paid in life

    High school is about kids(usually taxpayer funded) getting an education so they can support themselves through life. If that's not insentive enough for them to simply get the education, then we should allow them to drop out and no longer be a drain on the already overburdened education system in America.

  • No officially no.

    If parents want to pay their students for good grades, than that is up to them. However, it should not be up to the school in order to provide this. They already have to pay teachers, staff, electricity, water, etc. They do not need to pay students to learn. If you want to learn, you will.

  • Life won't pay you each time you lift your finger

    All this talk about paying kids for doing what they are supposed to be doing is nonsense. The only thing they should get paid for is WORK, plain and simple. Not doing chores, not getting good grades. Life won't pay you every time you lift your finger to do something. Better learn it while you're still a kid.

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