Should high school students have off-campus lunch?

  • Yes yes yes

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  • It should be allowed

    Most of the time the food we get is absolute buns. I sometimes even get stomach aches because of it. If we have money why can't we walk across the street and get some quality food instead of having to eat burnt horse meat and wet duck pickle sweat for food.

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  • The lunch that schools provide has no nutrition and taste terrible.

    Schools are nice enough to provide a lunch for kids, but kids just don't like the lunches provided to them. Along with that school lunches provide no nutrition with is not very good for the kids. Schools need a better selection of foods that way kids will be able to choose what they want to eat, this may help them with behavior problems and they may be able to focus more on their school work.

  • Yes off campus lunches should be allowed

    The main argument against off campus lunches is that students could bring lunch from home however that does not allow for a hot meal , if you want to have something other than a cold sandwich of soup it makes it so you have to rely on the school for hot food , which is not close to edible, in conclusion upper class-men should be able to leave the school for more nutritious and tasty food

  • People need a reason

    School lunches aren't all that great. Many students won't eat sometimes because of it. Students should have a choice to eat where they want and have the responsibility to be able to come back on time. We need to learn from experience. We won't know how to hold up a responsibility if they don't give us the chance to we need to be doing our own thing with out having to be held up and pushed to eat or do things we don't want to. People all have a choice to become or do whatever they want. Take it from someone with experience of not being able to stand up for myself.

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  • Off campus lunch SHOULD be allowed.

    Off campus lunch should be allowed because it gives students a chance to wander around and meet new people, and make more friends to be around. Off campus lunch can also help there to be a better chance in actually eating lunch, because they can buy themselves lunch from somewhere else, if they don't like school lunches. Off campus lunch gives the other students more time to get and eat food, because there are less students needing to be served, so the lines can be shorter, and they have more time to eat, also giving the lunch ladies/men a break and a chance to relax with less students to serve.

  • I strongly believe

    That we should have off campus lunch. It gives you that break from school. You could always go home and relax and not have to deal with all the loud people or not being able to find a set to sit down. It also gives you responsibility that you will have to deal with when you go to college. People will argue and say it is not safe that is why there should be a form that parents sign. Then they will probably say people will leave and not come back or they will be late but after so many chances that is when the privilege gets taken away.

  • We should have off campus lunch

    I am doing an essay on why we should have off campus lunch. One is that we get more choices, we go hungry because the school lunches are nasty. Some say no because students will skip, but if a kid really wanted to skip they would. Being a high schooler myself I like to have a off campus lunch.

  • High school students should have to eat at school and not off-campus.

    I believe that high school students should not have off-campus lunch. They should be required to stay on school grounds during lunch hour. Allowing students to eat off-campus leads to them eating fast food because that would be the food of choice. Students would be driving to restaurants and that could lead to more trouble. Keep students at school the whole day. If the lunch choices aren't good, students can pack their own lunches.

  • More Freedom requires More Responsibility

    Students should not be allowed to eat lunch off campus for several reasons. If students dislike school lunches, they can always choose go bring lunch from home. Students who are granted the freedom to eat off campus may act irresponsibly and get themselves into trouble. Being on campus is safer.

  • High school students shouldn't have off campus lunch.

    Students having off- campus lunches will not turn out so well. Some students see this as an opportunity to leave school and there could be trouble. Students eating at restaurants can be costly and unhealthy as well. When they leave campus, they are out of adult supervision and cannot be helped if in trouble.

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  • Too many risks

    While it will be fun, there are so many risks too it. First, students could be late to class because he service could’ve be slow, get stuck in traffic, or not paying a attention. Some students could just slack off and leave school, without a permission slip. This will cause, extra work and stress, for the dean to find the stundent(s).

  • No, because if

    Many students, especially high school students, would jump at the chance to leave school in the middle of the day for an off-campus lunch period, however living in a very rural area I think this idealistic lunch break causes more trouble than it is worth.
    Even if I did attend a school in a more urban setting I think off-campus lunches can cause security issues and also practically enables students to be tardy to their following class or skip the rest of their classes altogether. It may be argued that that not eating from a school cafeteria may be healthier, but any student can still pack a lunch from home and the choices they make as to what they eat for lunch are always their own, therefore a “healthy” lunch can still be eaten in a traditional school cafeteria setting. For my school it’s not really even an option to have an off-campus lunch period and for other school for which it is an option I don’t think it’s a very practical one.

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Humanities says2015-06-16T13:18:17.823
High school students are definitely reliable to leave school. But middle schoolers, in my opuniin, are not old enough to be trusted. This will cause many problems for the school in having teachers and supervisors watch the kids on school grounds