Should high school students have to wear ID badges?

  • Students should wear ID's Because

    I think that it will help us know if an intruder came into our school and if you came to school or if you traded, And for you to check out books out the public library and to scan it when yu come into the school and when yu bout to eat lunch you should scan it instead of typing it and the school i go to don't wear them but i think we should start wearing them and idgaf if yu disagree because its my opinion and not yours, If its coming rude then take it rude but its not so the people who said no you shouldnt have bc yu could get hurt btw ;)

  • They prepare for the future

    Most jobs require id badges, And I see no compliant. They also teach kids to keep up with there things. I will say the some that contain trackers are not right in my opinion. I never see or hear about complaints for jobs requiring ids. Don't forget driver licenses, Gun permits, And many more.

  • Makes us and our site safer!

    I go to a fairly large school in a large city in the UK. Being an inner-city school, Where we can come and go during the day, There is a need to know exactly which students are in the building. We scan our ID cards at sign-in/out points (near every external door). Our cards allow us to open any of the external doors so we can enter and exit. . . Our school also has a lot of studios and rooms that only students studying certain subjects need to be able to access - our ID cards come in there to make sure only authorised students can get into these spaces. . . Again, With the lifts/elevators around the site, Only students with a genuine need to use them are given the permissions on our cards in order to call and open the doors. . . The ID cards not only make our site safer, But also make our building work better! It's not about teachers learning names (our names are in such a small font, They can only really be read from close up)!

  • Helps the school

    It keeps everyone safe, Predators are able to sneak into schools more easily and such, A very scary thought to have. These kids should be very safe, Especially in school. I disagree with people complaining about having I. D. 's, Be more responsible with your stuff. Nobody's fault but your. Common Sense.

  • They are very important

    If your kids go to school would you rather have them be safe but have to go through metal detectors or have an ID on them at all times. Or would you rather take a chase to end-up having your kids shot because you didn't want to have some safety systems put in to protect your kid.

  • For safety reasons.

    Increasing security in schools is becoming more and more critical for student and staff safety. With hundreds,even thousands of students, staff and visitors entering and exiting a school each day, it is important to be able to identify who is authorized to be there and who is not. There are many security measures that can be taken, and today we will review how something as simple as a photo ID and a custom lanyard can significantly increase visual security on school campuses.

  • Its for school safety

    Two large things that are implemented into schools for security are ethier school IDs or metal detectors. Now personally, I would rather have a school ID cliped on to my shirt rather than walking through a metal detector and having some security guard rummaging through my bag, or being sent to the office or an alarm going off and some dramatic event happening because i forgot to put my pencil sharpener or my metal pen into the little collection tray.

  • Would you rather wear a school ID or have metal detectors out in front of the school?

    School IDs are implemented for safety reasons, they are multi-functional and are used as library and lunch cards, saying that it's stupid to wear IDs is not a logical argument. Also families that cant afford school costs or funds CAN FILE FOR FINANCIAL AID! Additionally, I do not see how school IDs are an invasion of privacy, many schools announce students names over the loud speakers in case they are called to go to the office for some reason all the time, on school websites students names are listed, and knowing someone's name isn't an invasion of privacy in a school environment, ID cards or not, some random student can know your name by over hearing a conversation you had with a friend, or a teacher calling out your name in class. A metal detector in front of the school's entrance is more of invasion of privacy than some one knowing your name due to an ID card.

  • Yes, if you go to a big school.

    My state has a law saying that schools with more than 700 students are required to wear Ids. I personally agree with this law and think that schools with over 500 students should wear Ids. However, smaller schools should not be required to wear Ids or it should be optional.

  • We should wear them

    I think we definitely should. I'm in middle school (8th grade) and I think it's awesome. That way (especially in high school where seniors are constantly leaving and coming) it's a way to confirm weather or not someone goes to da school. Teachers wear id's so student's should too.. .

  • Like this causes me grief!

    Everyday I have to have this ID and if I don't I'll have to pay $1 if you don't pay you're suspended I'm From Eutawville SC when I was in middle school if I didn't have it they'll make me throw my food away they'll let me get my food but when I got to the scanner I had to throw my food away this is not right like they say it's a law like the kids have to eat etc... But like in HHRMS that's nothing don't have your ID see what happens! Then you have to pay for the $5 for the ID and my parents pay taxes then after that we had to pay for lunch +$100 every semester this was in middle school! This ID stuff is really allowing crazy people to get crazy with a reason! Like I was a kid trying to eat both parents working 9 to 5 you're brining them down with the bill you sent then on the days I didn't have the ID you make me throw my food away! Like just picture the kids who can't afford to buy a ID and pay $1 every time they don't have the ID! The people are getting so corrupt they'll let the money pile up on a kid and make them throw the food away everyday and instead of them just letting the kid pay the $5 for a new id they have to pay off the debt from the days they didn't have a ID plus the Price of a new ID like I'm not even going to check for spelling this really get to me!!!!!!

  • I do not see why the students would need to wear ID badges.

    I don't see why we would need to wear ID badges as the teacher don't need to know every kid's name off by heart isn't that going a little to far as the teachers already have enough hassle keeping the students in line.

    Note: i'm a student in high school right now so i know how the teachers feel on this topic.

  • Small schools with few students know who everyone is

    I go to a small school were everyone knows everyone. We would know who doesn't belong or if anyone looks like they don't go there. If we forget our name tags one day we get a warning, the next time we get sent to the office and get punished. It doesn't make since. Our classes have 20 students or less, and we rarely get new students. You are with the same students and teachers for 12+ years. No one could sneak in with out being noticed in a matter of seconds.

  • No need for it

    How does knowing my name help school security? It's unnecessary and frankly, it's an invasion of privacy. Teachers are really becoming power-hungry. First, they can search us whenever they want, they can take our stuff, and now they want us to willing wear identification. This is sounding very martial-law like.

    I'm a high school student. If this was put into place, I wouldn't follow it.

  • Invasion of privacy

    WHY! Is the question really. I am a 16 sophomore student. Id badges take away so much privilege from school events. If you don't ave an ID CARD then you don't get to participate. What about the families that cant afford school costs and funds? Teachers who love their job and care for their students remember their students names. I remember all of my teachers names. Teachers and students build a bond through out the year(s). ID badges is and excuse to take that away.

  • It serves no tangible benefit.

    At my school, Most people don't wear their lanyards anyway, So it doesn't really matter. Additional to that, It is not hard to get one. I could probably get a lanyard from another school, Wander around that school for a few hours and no one would be the wiser. Lanyards only serve as a mental and legal safety net. They provide no real security.

  • Invades your privacy

    Not every teacher in the school needs to know your name. If your around said teacher long enough they will just remember your name. I get that they help with kids getting in trouble and lying about their name but most kids don't do that. I've gotten in a lot of trouble for not having my ID. About half of the students at Neosho Jr High don't have their ID and it cost 5-7 dollars to get a new one. My best friend, His family can't afford to buy him a new one so he just keeps getting in trouble. Finally, Its stupid and unfair.

  • Irritating and Pointless

    I have to wear this stuff and honestly it’s the stupidest bullshit ever. First of all there’s gang members that go to the school so they can do whatever shit they do anyway the ids don’t keep them out. Same goes for drug dealers and school shooters. They go to the school so they aren’t kept out by an Id. The only people that this effects are people who are actually trying to be good because the bad people want to be more inconspicuous. The teachers here are wack too I had my id in my pocket and the principal sent me to iss for not wearing it what an asshole right? So this leads me to believe that the entire rule is just to be rude to students. If I didn’t go to this school and I really wanted to get in for some reason I could make a fake id which could work so this doesn’t even keep people out!

  • Bad for students

    ID cards are an invasion of your personal identity if your name and photo are exposed for the world to see. I am a parent of 5 children and I was taught not to put my children's name visible to the world. I wrote their name inside or hidden not visible. This goes against everything I learned for keeping my kids safe! I would rather have anonymous badges with an ID number and absolutely no photos.

  • IDs are not helpful

    Our school has this small ID card that you have to wear around your neck. If you don't you have to go to the dean of students office and get name tag if you don't have a name tag or your ID you get in trouble. Our ID are small and so its not even useful wearing them because you can barely even see them. There is no use for them.

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