Should high school students have to wear uniforms?

  • Uniforms stop a lot of issues before they become issues

    Yes, I think that high school students should have to wear uniforms. Uniforms give a since of team work and it also encourages a business like atmosphere that high school student will need in the near future. It also curbs some of the conflicts within the school. Many are bullied because of how they are dressed, if everyone is dressed this same, this is no longer the case.

  • Yes. I believe high school students should have to wear uniforms.

    Yes. I believe high school students should have to wear uniforms, because it would make a lot of situations a lot easier for everyone in involved. Especially economically.. Low income families would save a lot of money buying a few uniforms, instead of today's high priced fashion trends. it would also take the pressure off of kids to wear the cool fashions.

  • I Support Uniforms

    I believe uniforms help create a more neutral environment that helps create a better environment for students. I believe it also helps people understand that in some cases in life, what they wear is not actually 100% their choice, such as it is in the workforce. I believe this can help all students, rather they are in first grade or a senior in high school.

  • Yes,high school students should have to wear uniforms.

    High school students should have to wear uniforms.This way the focus can be more on learning and less on fashion.It will also allow parents to budget their clothing allowance more closely and know that their children are wearing appropriate clothing to school and not being too provocative in the learning environment.

  • Yes, high school kids need uniforms.

    America is becoming obese at an alarming rate. High school girls are wearing less and less clothes. I don't want to check out any fat chicks. Make them wear a uniform so I don't have to look at rolls. This is necessary until we fix obesity in the United States.

  • Uniforms create an equal playing field

    If all students had to wear uniforms it would more than likely cause a drop in the amount of violence that can occur in schools. It would also allow students to focus more on education itself than on trying to get an outfit together. This causation would probably increase scores then as well.

  • Uniforms are unecessary. Schools should focus on education not appearances.

    Uniforms are expensive and unecessary. Having to change in and out of uniform is a waste of time. After schooling, we have no use of school uniforms and its rather hard to second hand sell your uniform, especially if you have multiple spare uniforms.

    When people grow out of their uniform, they are forced to purchase the same uniform when people would rather purchase new and unique items than the exact piece of clothing.

    Furthermore, students are able to express individuality through clothing that they choose. Uniforms aren’t necessarily comfortable and allowing students to choose their own clothing allows them to be more comfortable.

    Schools should focus improving education not people’s appearance. Although, uniforms represent schools, a school is a place for learning and schools should care more about schooling than the student body’s choice of clothing.

  • They're pointless despite what many think

    I've been to schools both with and without uniforms and this is what I take out of it:

    1) Uniforms are often uncomfortable and make it hard to learn due to that- especialy since they're often simply too hot.

    2) People don't judge eachother by their clothing from my experience. As a matter of fact its the people who go out of their way to wear $1000 combinations who get made fun of for it.

    3) uniforms can be just as "distracting" as plain clothes. The average peasant seems to see more sex appeal in uniforms than ever before. What is less "distracting" for one is more distracting for others.

    4) Uniforms are additional money lost. You have to buy regular clothing for going out in public+ an overpriced, uncomfortable uniform instead of just clothes for going out in public.

    5) They do not prevent gang behaviour, all it takes is some gang to wear their ties a bit loose or their skirts a bit shorter or longer to identify themselevs- and these are the less creative options.

  • Clothing is a method of self-expression.

    High-school students are already severely limited in the ways they can express themselves in public schools. Clothing is one way to express themselves. In fact, I think there are too many rules in the dress code, such as no head coverings of any kind. For one, that infringes on religious freedom for some people (such as some Muslims, Jews, and Christians) and can be embarrassing for cancer patients whose hair fell out, leaving them bald. Yes, rules are needed. Such as, no drugs, nudity, or vulgarity on clothing and no private parts showing.

  • Freedom of expression

    High school is just as much an institution for learning socialization as it is academia, if not moreso in the eyes of many students, and there's no reason that they shouldn't have the opportunity to express their freedom and individuality through their fashion choices. Some believe uniforms may help crack down on bullying, but that's no way to do it.

  • No they shouldn't.

    I do not believe that high school students should have to wear uniforms, unless they are at a private school. Public schools should not require students to wear a uniform because it is not necessary. The students should be allowed to wear what ever they want, as long as it is not too revealing.

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