• Wouldn't hurt them

    I know that most high school students would probably be very much against wearing uniforms, but I do think it would be beneficial, in the long run. There's so much ridiculous drama in high school; it is both stressful and distracting. Drama over "cool" clothes is a big part of it. If everyone wore nice uniforms, it would be one less thing to worry about.

  • High School Would Be Better With Uniforms

    I believe uniforms are a great asset in school systems. By having stick uniform rules children are forced to essentially dress the same. This eliminates a problem between the children in comparing their clothing and bringing a possible distraction into the classroom. I think it also mocks the workforce and better prepares students, as dress codes are common with jobs.

  • Yes, it is more equal

    Uniforms are a good way of promoting equality since everyone has to look the same. It takes pressure off of wearing the "cool" clothes or not. It saves money for families who are struggling. It makes school more professional and so students have more respect for each other. I think uniforms are a good thing.

  • High School students should wear uniforms.

    If provided by the school for free, or at affordable prices, I believe schools should adopt a uniform policy. It is not my opinion that fashion completely detracts from the educational environment, but it does significantly affect students. In some cases, students can be more consumed with fashion and appearance over intelligence and educational prowess. If this variable was to be taken out of the equation, schools would be more inviting environments.

  • Psychologically it's bad for security.

    How are they supposed to know who is from the school if they are led to believe that anyone from that school is wearing uniforms. Anyone can wear uniforms even shooters. So why should you have uniforms when it can easily decrease a security guard's vigilance. Take that into account

  • It's a human rights violation!

    Uniforms suck! First of all, why should I be forced to wear a giant blazer/jacket over a baggy jumper? Dress codes that 'require' a shirt to be tucked inside your trousers is also stupid. I feel realy uncomfortable having a tucked in shirt let alone being forced to wear this kind of clothing, otherwise, I'll just have detention threats thrown at my face, making uniform another excuse for teachers to abuse us and get away with it. And as an insult to injury, uniform is overpriced. How and why does a school uniform including PE kits etc have to cost hundreds!? It makes no sense and I refuse to let this carry on!

  • Freedom of Expression

    Clothes are one way high school students express themselves. In private schools, uniforms are great. Public schools may not have uniforms because the cost becomes prohibitive. If public schools can find corporate sponsors for uniforms and parents don't have to pay for them, then go ahead and have uniforms. Otherwise, they are unnecessary burdens on students and families.

  • High school students should not wear uniforms.

    High school students should not wear uniforms. I think by the time you get into high school you should be able to choose what you want to wear. Taking this freedom away from students does nothing but hinder their decision making. I think it would be a bad ideal to force students to wear uniforms.

  • Uniforms should not be mandatory

    I think that requiring students to wear uniforms is just a fruitless way for the men in power of a school to try and flex their authority. There is really no reason to make children all dress the exact same way. Let them dress how they want as long as it isn't distracting.

  • High School Uniforms Unnecessary

    High school uniforms are mostly unnecessary in today's world. Such uniforms only place a burden upon students and their parents as far as public education is concerned. Of course, private schools can implement such requirements. In the public setting, though, uniforms are more of an annoyance for everyone at that school.

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