Should high schoolers be allowed to talk out against their teachers?

  • It depends on their reasoning

    Everyone has freedom of speech and i believe that. I think it depends on their stance on why they are talking against them. If students believe in christianity and their teachers believe in atheism or evolution if there teachers are asking them to do something they are uncomfortable doing then they should be able to speak against that. Otherwise they should keep the speaking out to a minimum.

  • If the teacher is wrong

    If I know for a fact that my teacher is spouting lies to the class, I will stand up and state the truth, because my class is in it for the education, and therefore I will make sure that they get the proper, unbiased, and accurate education that they deserve.

  • Teachers think they all that

    Teachers are allowed to be sarcastic and rude to students and still must be respected, but not the other way around. Some teachers blame this on them having a "bad day", even though most students are always having a bad day, due to Lawrence O'Brien and his mid 20th century Germany history class.

  • Absolutely they should!

    Teachers demand respect based on the principal that they are older and have been given a job which makes them more knowledgeable and of more authority than their students. The flaw in this thinking is the assumption that professors are always 100% correct and nothing they say can be disputed or disproven. As humans, even these teachers can be wrong, preventing students from speaking out creates a vicious cycle of flaw.
    I am a student in a public Texas high school and have witnessed several teachers who have made severe mistakes or displayed intense prejudice for people, events and ideas. For example a friend of mine, a gay man, we'll call him john, who I had an English class with was a victim of this flawed thinking. Our professor, (I'll call him mr.Smith) expressed a rather profound homophobia and preached this to his entire class. "Fags hate America," he said "they favor socialism because it lets them sit at home and copulate their sin while we good honest men work to pay for their government checks." A horribly offensive attack no doubt. John raised his hand, explained to the teacher that he was offended by these comments and would appreciate if the conversation moved on. He was suspended for three days, put on probation from all extra curricular activities; simply for attempting to guide a wayward professor out of his offensive path. For the remainder of the semester Mr.Smith found every reason I. The world to fail John, an otherwise straight A, 4.0 GPA student. So yes, I absolutely believe for the good of the student, the teacher and the entire educational system a student should be able to speak out against the teacher.

  • Teens should have that freedom.

    There have been many times that a teacher has acted out-of-place or has flat out been wrong. The problem is that some teachers can get cocky, being in their classroom with no one but themselves and there students (possibly an aid depending on the school and class) almost all day. If the students aren't allowed to to tell their teachers that they've messed up, who would. There is a difference between talking out against them, and trying to verbally abuse them. There is freedom of speech and even though they haven't reached 18 yet and don't technically have the right of free speech yet doesn't mean that we shouldn't give it to them. If the world wants to rise acceptable citizens then we need to stop them from growing up.

  • They Certainly Should!

    It is awful that teachers/principals assume that just because they are older and 'in charge', they will always be right in everything. A lot of the time the ways in which they punish students are not only bad for the ones getting punished but themselves as well; for example, detention.

    It should be acceptable for a pupil to disagree with things and say them. Would they rather have students thinking bad things about them and breaking rules?

  • Yes, racism is not ok.

    I use to live in Chicago, which is a very diverse area, now I live in southern Indiana with mostly whites and very few blacks. In Chicago I never really realized a problem with racism but now that I am down here, I hear many racist comments from my professors to kids that are good students. Students should be able to stand up for themselves. I think it depends on the situation, but I do believe that teachers take advantage of their authority.

  • Sometimes Teacher's Mistake

    Sometimes teachers also make mistake which most of tend to neglect as it brings out the flaw in their teaching and when children protest they are humiliated for protesting against the teachers. The teacher, H.O.D ,co-ordinator and sometimes principal also join forces against the student so that the flaw is not exposed

  • Anybody should be able to speak out against anybody

    ... Provided they have the FACTS to substantiate their position. I see an awful lot of scenarios of people screaming racism or sexism in spurious accusations with no foundation. The aim appears to be political power, or perceived injustice on the part of a really volatile population. Important to handle this with kid gloves, no pun intended, as it needs to be recognized that the logic centers of brains are not fully developed until you are in your early to mid twenties.

  • Bill of rights sorry

    We don't have any rights!!! Until you turn eighteen you are a minor and the only way you have the freedom of speech is through your parents, so you don't have the right to publicly complain about anything first of all it's disrespectful and second you have no right legaly to do so.

  • Teachers do not have an easy job.

    Teachers screw up. It happens. Cut them some slack, they are doing the best that they can. They have to deal with undeveloped minds with overdeveloped mouths on a daily basis. A teacher who makes a mistake is not a bad teacher, they are a normal teacher. Most teachers understand the same for their students.

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