• Let them live the life they want to live, not the one you want them to

    It's not that I want kids to drop out of school but can you blame them for wanting to. School is like a prison for kids. One little mis take a child makes and they get suspension. Horrible dress code that is almost impossible to follow. Not to mention the expense of uniforms that take away rights aND freedom and make kids feel worthless. My children have their school in BARBED WIRE. What is that!!! They aren't criminals so LET THEM LIVE.

  • Dropping out never improves your situation

    It's not a coincidence that a majority of the kids that drop out of high school don't end up being anything. Whether you're intelligent or not, needing to get a GED (or worse, not getting one) pretty much disqualifies you from every job worth having. I understand the temptation but it almost never ends up being a decision that is looked back upon favorably.

  • No, dropping out of high school has a very negative impact on a person's life.

    Dropping out of high school very severely impacts someone's life. Without a high school degree, it makes finding a job much more difficult since there are few jobs available to people without a minimum of a high school degree. Many of these jobs are also much lower paying than people can get with a high school diploma, making life more difficult with tighter funds.

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