Should high schools allow men's volleyball teams?

Asked by: ginga_ninja
  • There should be

    My school has a boy's volleyball team and we enter league championships every year. Boy's volleyball gives the school another opportunity for glory.

    What's the point of having a girl's team if there won't be one for boys? That's pretty much promoting the stereotype that volleyball is a female-oriented sport. Boys can also play volleyball since upper-body strength is required.

    This goes a bit off topic, but this is similar to the question, "Should high schools allow a girl's basketball team?" Gender should play no role in what sport you would want to play.
    Some students aspire to be an Olympian volleyball player. High school boy's volleyball provide a chance for male athletes to start pursuing that dream.

  • Equity in gender

    Men and women can both play volleyball and to the same level so why shouldn't there be a men's volleyball team. I also think that there should be a women's football and basketball team if women want to play. If you want to play a certain sport and be part of team you can do it and you should be able to do it no matter what gender you are.

  • Sexless in crime ;)

    Schools are sexist and I strongly encourage the staff to think about other students situations before putting their income first to add on schools allow women to play football but only on beaches are men allowed to play furthermore I think that it is bad that your talking like that lastly I wouldn't mind as a guy to throw on short shorts and getting my ass checked out buy the crowd as well as if the women think that they would draw less attention also what is up with the coaching situation like do men have girl coaches or do women have guy coaches I am not sure you should really take that up with your athletic director most importantly I feel as if this relates to racism among cops shooting blacks but in other words obviously but if this does lead up to getting shot to enjoy a sport then I am willing to die for men's volleyball if it comes to that but one last thing I would like to point out is that the government provides food stamps but it does not allow complete men's volleyball takeover and I just think that that is a shame and we should really look at ourselves in the mirror that's all I have to say.

  • Having a men’s volleyball team should be aloud for more freedom in guys sports in high schools.

    My school does not have a men’s team as well, But almost ever guy and girl that I talk to in my school says that having a men’s team would be very fun and that they would do it/watch it. I think there should be a men’s volleyball team for the school because girls have access to really any sport where as guys don’t have as much access such as girls can do wrestling (which I have seen) girls can do baseball (which also happened at my school). And yes I agree with the fact that a guy should not be aloud to play on a girls team because there would be unfair advantages, But I think with the fact that girls can pick and choose there sports, It shouldn’t be hard to put together some type of men’s volleyball activity even if it was just a club and you played each other.

  • Boy volleyball should be a thing

    I live in North Carolina and there isn’t a public high school that has a boys volleyball team. The interest in volleyball for boys is growing very rapidly and the school systems seem to not care about it. There are probably 2 boys travel clubs in the whole state of North Carolina and they’re either 2+ hours away or they are wanting you to pay $2000 for 1 season of volleyball.

  • There should be volleyball it's not fair

    It's no fair that there is women's volleyball in a lot of schools in the USA I live in Virginia and would love to play volleyball I'm a 9th grade freshman and am eager to play volleyball and I've been doing research and there is no volleyball near my community so all I can do is watch videos and play on my own it really does suck.

  • Yes because volleyball has no male alternative.

    Boys should definetly be able to play volleyball because if there is no alternative to a sport you have to let the other sex play it.An example is baseball=softball but football=none so girls also play football.Plus you can always have more people to play on your team.So yes I think boys should be able to play volleyball.

  • Many boys are loosing opportunities

    I know several boys who play volleyball at their schools but my school doesn't have one. We are like the laughing stock of the high schools because of it. I would love to play volleyball If I could. College has it, the Olympics has it, and club ball has it so why not high school?

  • I myself am a boy in highschool who LOVES to play volleyball!

    My friends and I always love going to the park for sand volley ball or even a gym and just playing the sport. I have loved the sport since i was young. I would definately play volleyball in high school if they had a team for guys, but they dont. I believe and gender should be allowed to play any sport!

  • Guys and girls should have the same sports

    I think that guys and girls should have the same sports.. Like guys have baseball girls have softball. Guys and Girls both have Soccer, Boys dont have a volleyball team, girls do.. We have a wrestling team.. But girls are more than welcome to join that sport if they want... Girls have volleyball and if some guys join the team.. Its
    " unfair ". But we let the girls join the wrestling team... They should let guys join the volleyball team

  • Why should they not have one

    I mean if they want to, go for it. No one would be stopping them, as their is no reason they shouldn't have a guys volleyball team. Volleyball isn't specifically designed for women. So for that reason, I'm going to say that yes they CAN but that does not mean they have to. Bye

  • Are we missing something

    I do not see any reason as to why a specific sports team should not be permitted just because of someones opinion. More information is needed to support this stance,or for that matter go against it. If there is a reason to go against this, i would be very interested in hearing it out. That being said, if you have a reason, make sure it cant be applied to every sport

  • No they shouldn't sorry but no

    I say no way Jose's only a boys team and a girls team when they spike the ball over the net it's going to hurt like hell when you get under the ball I love absolutely love it but it's crazy for boys to play volleyball with girls because it's like the Olympics they have a boys team not boys and girls there gender is separated because it's how there strength and strides are different so that's my opinion you have yours

  • Most schools couldn't field a team.

    Why would guys want to play volleyball? With all the other alternatives out there most schools wouldn't get enough interest in boys volleyball to put a team together. Sure we could do the cajole them into playing and re"educate" them on what they should and shouldn't like. Without that type of social engineering it's hard to imagine participation numbers would be high enough to fill out a roster, Much less justify the cost of coaching stipends, Travel, Uniforms, Etc.

  • No, because there would not be enough players!

    People say it's a girl sport. It's not, but a lot of boys think so. A lot of boys in by school don't like volley ball. It's for girls and boys, but there is simply not enough players to become a volleyball player. I personally do not like volleyball, so I don't naturally think there should be a team.

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