Should High Schools be more strict on girls fashion? (Like don't expose your belly button, Fingertip rule, Etc. )

  • More likely to enter a relationship you wouldn't want

    Not being modest can attract a lot of men or boys that any good girl would want to attract. It can also attract bad men. It also means that those who are "interested" in them may just want to be with them more for their body than to actually get to know them better.

  • Stop exposing yourself. It's not as cool as you think

    I'm an incoming freshmen and I see a lot of girls wearing shirts that expose their belly buttons or shorts/skirts that violate the fingertip rule. Fingertip rule violations, I'm more liberal even though there are times when I'm like Eww, That dress is inches away from exposing your boobs or rear but I for sure do not want to see anyone's belly button because yuck clean the dirt out of it.

  • To an extent

    Yes I think many girls dress very immodestly, And I think some kind of stricter dress code would be helpful. Personally I find the fingertip rule really hard to follow cuz I'm really tall and have really long arms. But tight leggings, Crop tops, And spaghetti straps are too exposing. However, As well as having girls dress more modestly, We should place an emphasis on teaching guys how to treat women/girls with more respect for their bodies and hearts. I think a lot
    of the abuse and rape problems could be avoided if men were taught to respect women, And girls were taught to respect their own selves by dressing more modestly. No, I do not think girls should have to be "punished" for how a guy looks at her, Cuz that is his problem as much as it is hers. BUT YES high schools should probably enforce a bit of a stricter dress code.

  • Yes, Both girls and boys should dress modestly.

    Dressing provocatively is for one reason, Looking sexy. This is inappropriate. Girls and boys should focus on their personality and hobbies, Not on highlighting their private parts. Also, Children may suffer from body anxiety and low self esteem when so much emphasis is put on looks instead of inner beauty.

  • Shut up crybaby girls

    Kiss my butt if you disagree with me but you think it’s cool to look at boobs at high school. Not color my man so cover up before I cover you up for you! C’mon, Fat body stammer can cover up all his skin no problem and neither should you crybaby girls. Boo hoo


    Jamal, The greatest debater of all time

  • They should be more strict

    Schools should, First of all, Enforce their own policies. Many schools have these policies in place, But barely do anything to enforce them. They should be more strict in this way, Forcing everyone in the school to follow the school's dress code. As far as the regulations themselves go, Yes they should be a little more strict. Girls should stay covered up, Like boys do without questioning these policies. There is the whole decency argument, Stating boys shouldn't stare and all that, While others say wearing indecent clothes invites a guy to do inappropriate things that hurt the school, So keep girls covered to avoid all this, But I'm going to argue logically here. Us guys keep our shoulders covered, Our chests fully in our shirt, And our butts fully in our pants. Our thighs are covered by our pants/shorts. We don't wear deep V-necks showing parts of our chest. We aren't allowed to sag our pants. We can't show our shoulders. We can't wear shorts that can expose our private parts. Tell me why girls should be able to. I understand that girls fashion is much more rare than guys fashion in this category, But maybe a call to action for feminine clothing companies is needed to provide girls with more appropriate clothing. Why should girls have rights that guys can't have. Logically speaking, Schools should be more strict on fashion on both genders, But mainly girls since they come closer to breaking the rules in this case more often than guys do. Schools should create a policy that equally applies to boys and girls while making their clothing appropriate for a learning environment.

  • Hear me out my friends

    We live in a society where good looks are cool. Those good looks can sometimes distract us from what is more important. If the chick in front of you is distracting you from your school because so much skin is exposed, Then there should be intervention. Plus some dresses and skirts come dangerously close to exposing the rear.

  • Yes and no

    School is for learning, Yes. However, It's just skin, Calm down. I don't agree with bras or very very short crop tops being worn, But a little bit of stomach showing never hurt anyone. I also think shoulders are fine to show. IT'S JUST A SHOULDERS. IT'S FINE.

    Anyway, Don't tell girls to cover up, Teach boys to be respectful.

  • No, Let them do what they want.

    Why should girls HAVE to cover up? Let them wear what they want. If they want to dress inappropriately, That's on them. It's literally just skin. If boys and teachers can't control themselves over skin, Then maybe they need some lessons on how to. Plus, Many girls with long arms or long torsos find it hard to find clothes that are long enough.

  • If the person wants to go to school naked let them.

    The girl wants to go to school naked she should. The school board should let people express themselves in any shape or fashion. The entire point of school is that they learn. However the system is both rigged, Racist, Ageist, Sexist, And classiest. Poor people can't even get an education because of the school system. The students should learn what they want to learn and not let the school decide.

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