• Blows for everyone

    Yeah one person watching porn in class will blow it for everyone. What's to stop someone from looking at status updates in class unfiltered? There are also ways to dodge the filter like proxies. Even if the filter blocks proxy sites, anyone can connect a VPN. Anyone can go on the play store and download a proxy. Plus there are still the unblocked sites.

  • High schools should censor the internet.

    A high school is a place for learning and not doing something that a student shouldn't be doing. When it comes to inappropriate websites, like adult websites, then yes those types of sites should be blocked off. However, anything else besides that should be just fine as long as the teacher says it is alright. Teachers are in charge of their students and they should decide what is fine to do and what is not fine to do.

  • Yes, they should.

    High schools need to censor the Internet because students like to do goofy things, and look at inappropriate things to be funny. On top of that they will also use it as a means for social connections like getting on facebook, twitter, tumblr instead of actually doing their homework like they are supposed to.

  • Its a load of crap

    I personally think that school internet filtering is detrimental to students, especially those who take subjects which need to look into "controversial" topics. It also limits ones knowledge of topics which they might be interesting for them. Also that it might block some people from sited due to no internet at home.

  • Its not just sites

    My school recently introduced a new layer on top of our already annoying filter. This new layer will keep images from being seen when looking at things like google images. This makes it frustrating when trying to make a power point when the filter is so heavy that i cant even look up a picture of a spork of all things, but the filter still doesn't work because you could still look up images of things like milfs and you can still see a lot of images that are not censored. I also disagree with the idea that my school has that we cant handle anything inherently violent. After all, if im in zoology i should be able to look up the picture of a dead animal when i have dissections to do.

  • They thrive on the naive they caused

    They should not censor anything not illegal on the internet. The only argument that holds any water is the antiporn debate but that still falls flat because saying they can't watch that technically says that what you do to yourself should be regulated by government(schools). Also fails because the censorship in the name of that crusade has severely limited honest kids who are too poor to have another device of their own that gets past blockers that disable sites needed for homework completely unrelated to adult sites.

  • Not at all

    How arrogant are you to suggest that someone older than them by a few years should decide what they can see/do? A nameless, faceless, unchallangeable bureaucracy is never good no matter what it's on. I've even heard of politicians in schools/activists using it to ban what they disagree with(like lgbt things which isn't really up to them to take it on themselves to block). To liberals:let's say you hate trump/republicans. Would you want them controlling your internet? To conservatives: assume you despise hillary and the democrats? Would you want them in control of the internet? Exactly.

  • It should not be so overprotective

    We are nearly adults, and have the right to see certain news updates about real world things, and religion, and pretty much everything else except for pornography, like one time I was doing a project, and I couldn’t research anything because everything was blocked, The group Called Anonymous needs to take care of this.

  • It's totally pointless

    I have a VPN on my phone to get around my school censoring tumblr. I'm apparently the only person able to figure this out though, so maybe it isn't pointless. Well, the censorship doesn't work for me, so I'm happy. Just saying, it's really easy to get around the censorship.

  • Censoring The Flow of Information is Wrong.

    Censoring the Internet in a high school environment discourages learning. Ask any high school student in the modern era how they learned something, and I can almost guarantee that they'll say "The Internet". Now, obviously you can't trust everything online, but by the time a child hits high school, they are typically able to tell when a website is BS (the perks of growing up with technology).

    Beyond that, it also restricts the flow of information to students. Personally, at my high school most news sites are blocked, besides a few "acceptable sites" (CNN, MSNBC, Washington Post. That's really all of them). Obviously this is going to affect a students viewpoints, and make it impossible to form an opinion for themselves. Kids NEED to hear controversial opinions, at this stage in their lives; and when the most controversial site your school will allow is Pew Global Research, you don't get those opinions. You don't hear from people of different walks. You hear from the stereotypes of every different group - never the outliers.

  • Censoring Gone Beserk

    Sure, there's stuff out in the world that kids REALLY don't need to see. I get that. But when you're trying to look up a Khan Academy video on YouTube, only to find it blocked, well, people are going to get upset. Even if you're trying to get on an educational website for research, if it has anything in the search that's suspicious, it'll shut you down immediately.

  • High schools should not be censoring the internet.

    Some things might be O.K. To censor like porn sites, but often restricting some online sites because of key words can restrict the students ability to gain knowledge and grow. Censorship also intrudes on American rights like Freedom of Speech and Freedom of the Press. Finally, censorship can prevent research.

  • Freedom of Speech

    Honestly, parents are so pathetic it makes me laugh.. They want to protect their poor children from cyber-bullying or finding out what pornography is or any of that stuff. You should let them experience that when they are young so when they are older they know how to deal with it. Parents are ridiculous.

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