Should High Schools give Associate Degrees to their Graduates?

Asked by: bullseye2014
  • A Diploma only gets Students so far

    The possibilities with a diploma are rather limited, whereas an associate's degree can open more doors to those that hold them. Diplomas only hold back high school graduates; while I'm mentioning it, most students can't afford college tuition rates. Not every student gets a scholarship either.

    Do you agree, or disagree?

  • If you meant... :

    I think that high schools should incorporate vocational programs into the curriculum so that a student can graduate with a sound job in some form. I do not think this should be mandatory however I went to a vocational high school and it was the best thing I ever did. I gradated with both a diploma and and a certification so while students came out scrambling for what was next I at least had a solid base for making money which in turn allowed me to go where I pleased in life relative to my career choices. It is not something you need dedicate yourself to for life but it is a very strong push in the right direction for self-sufficiency.

  • Degrees arent candy.

    While I do believe higher education is important, simply giving away associate degrees devalues the degree. Instead, high schools should provide ample incentive to reach the next degree. High school diplomas are very low value in the current economy. Even bachelor degrees are becoming harder and harder to employ due to their oversaturation. In summary, if the student doesnt have the level of knowledge expected with an associate's, they shouldnt receive one.

  • It doesn't mean anything

    I personally think students who are graduated from the high school are still lack sufficient knowledge and qualifications. In that regard, its university that should level up their skills and understandings. So they can get good jobs and make money. On the other hand, if they don't graduate from the college it wont help them to promote easily or in other words they wont have a choice. Because the whole is dependent on bachelors degree.

    Posted by: Wac
  • A HS diploma is already watered-down.

    It is not a surprise that the person advocating for such a farce would be the creator of such an opinion as this. This thinking is derivative of the socialistic mindset, now taught rigidly in schools (in lieu of ethics/reasoning), that all must be equal, everyone is a winner, and if you bring a diploma to class, you must bring enough for everyone to enjoy. The reason and definition for 'degree' is to validate a level of independent educational attainment, which is why a diploma is termed as such. This is why we don't (and can't through mere numbers) have GEDs prescribing medicine, nor PhDs mopping up floors. If finances are an issue to higher educational attainment, I can somewhat side with that, although I could list off a few great offers & programs to help students (GI Bill, Pell Grant..), aside from the hook-line-sinker offers that banks that have many grads in the situation their in now. What can you do with a HS diploma, seriously? At a minimum, people should seek out to get certificates through higher education that prepare and validate work in a specific area. A HS diploma not only is the average minimum for the next higher education, its covers a minimum level of skills in a minimal fashion to live a minimally successful life.

  • High Schools aren't qualified to give Associate degrees.

    That said, if a student is serious enough and academically-capable, most high schools offer dual programs that allow them to begin college classes (at local community colleges) before they graduate from high school. These classes go toward an Associate or Bachelor and are worked around the student's H.S. Scheduled classes. But high schools are not equipped with the faculty, etc. to provide formal degrees.

  • What's the point?

    The sole purpose of a degree is to show employers that an individual has reached a certain level of education.
    If the you give this degree away to high school gradutates, then it simply becomes a second diploma because the meaning of the degree is lost.

    All that would happen were associate degrees to be given out is employers would raise their requirements of employees. Therefore nothing would change.

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Preston says2014-07-11T13:53:11.460
Mine already does if you take certain classes