Should high schools have co-ed bathrooms for transgender students?

  • Hell Yea they should...

    Yes they should have a co-ed bathroom and showers...Now hear me out you cant start at High school no no no then that whould be messy and reckless, what they should do is start at a young age. Letts say 3rd grade, if u start there and work your way up you'll tech them thats nothings wrong with being nude with thiere classes mates, they wont no what sex or sexual

    Posted by: Etj
  • Yes, but not just for Trans people.

    I think all restrooms should be co-ed. As long as there are stalls, it really doesn't matter. I honestly don't get why men and women have to have separate restrooms when nobody looks at each other in the bathroom either way. I'm a girl, and I don't care if a guy pees in the stall next to me, just as long as I don't see him.

  • Too much money to spend on unnecessary infrastructure

    There are two genders, and trans people identify with one or the other. If you are a male transgender who identifies as a female, then use the female restroom, and vise versa. A very small percentage of the highschool population is trangendered, so its very unlikely that the bathroom would even ever be used.

  • It is unnatural and perverted

    When you allow a transgender to share the same restroom with your daughter or son. Watch out! Be aware! Not only does this open up to children being molested and women being traumatized. I believe that every LGBT member isn't a bad person, they just need Jesus Christ. When I see a homosexual I minister to them just like I would a Muslim or Catholic or even a poor person. As a Christian I stand firmly on the Word of God. People continue to say Jesus is love and that He is but He is also the lion. (see Revelation 5:5 meaning He will judge you) Christ died so none would perish because hell is not made for you and me. It is made for Satan and his devils and anyone who is DECEIVED by them. (see Rev. 20:10; 2 Peter 2:4; Ps. 9:17) I pray anyone who reads this will understand that anyone belonging to the LGBT group...This isn't a race issue..It's spiritual. One who isn't spiritual would not understand (see 1 Cor. 1:18). I pray you'll choose life and not death. Christ can save you from your sins. Just like He saved me from being bisexual. I thank God each day because I know I was heading for hell. (see Lev. 20:13 and 1 Cor. 6:9-10) He wants you. He died for you so you may live. Please repent like I did and run to Christ! His arms are wide open for you to go to life eternal instead of going to hell. To reject Christ and His Word is to accept hell and destruction. Love you all. Be blessed!

  • No, highschools should not have co-ed bathrooms.

    There are to many safety issues to allow male and female students to share the same bathrooms. Post-opt transgender students should be able to use the bathroom of their new gender. Pre-opt transgender students need to get a job and save up some money, so they can get the surgery.

  • At first thought, the would be nice

    Transgender students should just go into the restroom of the gender they identify as. While bullying is still very real and happening very often, a lot of kids are more understanding.

    A co-ed restroom in a high school would cause such a big mess. The only way they could keep strange, illegal, ill things from happening in there is if they monitor it. And if they monitored restrooms in school that'd cause an uproar. Children would scared to use it! With there being a ladies room and mans room that's what keeps too much from happening now. If there was a way they could just have transgender students go in it, than that would be fine. I know a lot of schools though with kids that would go wild over a guy/girl restroom. Smh.

  • I don't want fake trans guys in the girls bathroom.

    Guys are just gonna pretend to be girls so they can peep on the girls. That's just not something you can change. You can't just 'fix' guys. They are they way they are. And some pervert girl might want to do the same and vice versa. I personally don't want peepers in the bathroom when I'm just trying to use it.

  • Transgender students should not be segregated like this

    They should be allowed to go to the bathroom of their choice and should not be given a special bathroom, making them stand out from everyone else. Whatever gender they identify with should be their choice. A school wouldn't put in a co-ed bathroom for cis students, so why transgender ones.

  • There is a men's room and a ladies room for a reason.

    I would think it's wrong to do this. I do have a bias seeing as I think being transgender is wrong, however, I also don't believe that the majority of society needs to change in order to fall under the web of political correctness and appeal to a small minority. They had changed this rule at a local school for some time, and one of the boys claimed to be female only to go into the ladies' restrooms and take pictures of them when he obviously should not have been in there in the first place. This same thing happens with men and women prisons. It really doesn't matter what you think you are; If you have male plumbing, you are sent to the male prison. That only makes sense to me.

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