• Yes they should

    We must portray ourselves in a way that would make our grandparents happy as well as your bf/gf. Society today (especially young girls) needs to take a step back and look at how thay are dressing. Now, look at how you're treated among friends, family, and co workers. Are you happy?

  • High schools need a dress code

    In fact, all schools need dress codes. Dress codes encourage students to dress with respect towards themselves and others. They contribute to the overall learning atmosphere. Dress codes include grooming habits as well, and those are essential to any learning or working environment. Dress codes also encourage students to dress appropriately for a variety of situations. When they are out of school, there are few jobs that won't require them to be appropriately groomed and dressed.

  • There are always dress codes.

    In all aspects of life, there are some forms of dress code. If you go to work at McDonalds or as a teacher or in an office, you still have some form of dress code. I think that dress codes will keep people in a professional manner, and should be used on high schools.

  • Hish schools should have dress codes.

    I believe that high schools should have dress codes. It is important that young people dress appropriately. If the girls dress too provocatively in low cut shorts or see through blouses, little academic work would get done. Young people need to learn that how they dress reflects who they are and they should dress appropriately for school.

  • Yes dress codes are important

    Yes dress codes are needed in all high school. If you didn't have a dress code people could dress however they want. There would too many people that take advantage of this and wear clothing that should not be allowed in school. With out the dress code they can't be punished for this.

  • A dress code doesn't mean having uniforms.

    People don't understand the difference between a dress code and having school uniforms. The dress code should make sure people dress appropriately, not control their sense of style completely. It's not taking self-expression away. You just need simple rules such as: no see-through tops, shorts at a certain length, etc.

  • Yes, schools should have a dress code.

    Dress code cultivates a better learning environment. School is a place to learn. So anything that can be done to make learning easier should be done. If someone comes to school wearing a lot cut tank top and booty shorts, they might distract someone from completely focusing on their work. So I think a dress code should be enforced.

  • Yes we need to change dress code.

    We need to change dress code because like girls if they wear a spuggety strap under a shirt they think that boys are going to stare at them, like really we ain't going to stare at them in class and say dang son the sholder looks good. NO NO NO we don't do that crap we wouldn't even notice it prolly.

  • Yes but weak

    Yes have a dress code but a weak one. No we don't need to see your body under the clothes, but we don't need to look like those people who have clothes all over their body. You can enforce full coverage, but don't send home for a small hole. Yeah that works.

  • Should high schools wear uniform

    No because you should be able to express yourself in school no matter what. Who cares what people think you are who you are. But some people think that i am wrong until they can prove me wrong then what you say doesn't matter. Now do anybody agree with me?

  • Dress codes are extremely sexist!

    The teachers are very unreasonable with their dress code- and are very inconsistent with the people they say are violating dress code. Someone could be fully covered except for a millimeter of her stomach, and another popular girl could be wearing a fully cropped shirt and be fine. Also, the trans community isn't safe, either. If what they are wearing disturbs the specific teacher (who could be trans phobic or homophobic) may tell them to change. So unfair. Boys need to learn to control themselves, we shouldn't be punished for their behavior. Sorry, is my shoulder turning you on?

  • People in high school don't need to have dress code they should wear whatever they want

    Like bras, ect... And high school are mature enough to date and see anyone and to be sexy in so many ways to interact with boys and to be really comfortable in high school and for boys to see what a girl looks like without clothing so that is why high school shouldn't need dress code

  • No they don’t

    The dress code is not needed because you start high school at about the age of 14 so for freshman year it shouldn’t be really enforced but past freshman year there should be no dress code unless like no see through or crap. Most kids that age have seen naked people either on tv or porn etc.

  • Dress codes in schools

    I don't know what to write in here I just disagree with having a dress code in high schools and I think people should just be able to express them selves and they should get to wear what they want and feel comfortable for learning and be warm in school.

  • Stop sexualization of underage students

    Literally, there are no shorts a woman can buy nowadays that fit the high school dress code. This is a free country and we should be able to practice our rights on school grounds. If you want to wear a hat, wear a hat. Nobody is distracted by a HAT. You want to wear a tank top? For Lord's sake, nobody gets turned on by a shoulder. If you do, then you're just a freak. The entire dress code is just an attack towards females. GIRLS should not be punished by what the BOYS are doing. Instead, teach them to not sexualize a little girl's body. I do think that some rules are okay. Just keep them to an extent. If it isn't legal outside of school, it shouldn't be legal in school. Of course, keep "private parts" private and all that. High school is not a job, it's a school. High school is not a royal ball, it's just a dinky ratty old school. There are people that have completely different cultures and style and we should embrace that. Every human has legs, every human has arms, every human have belly buttons, every human has shoulders. Or at least if you don't because of whatever reason, you know what they look like. As for bra straps? How about I just cut it off and tie it around my wrist? Is it still sexy or is it just a piece of elastic fabric? If it's not found sexual at a beach, why is it found mouth-watering erect-penis sexy at a school building? Sometimes it's hot. I live where it gets up to 100 degrees Fahrenheit, and they expect my to wear shorts that come down to only three inches above the kneecap? Oh hell no. Excuse my French, but if you don't want your students dying of heat stroke you need to fix that real quick.

  • Kids should be kids.

    I think that teenagers should be allowed to wear what they want. They will dress appropriately for a job when they need to. These "dress codes" mainly focus on how women should dress. Women need to embrace their sexuality, instead of not being able to wear a tank top because a boy may get turned on. Leave them alone. Leave girls alone...God.

  • Tank tops? A problem? Thats stupid!

    Why does it matter that people see a shoulder if you ask me that's retarded does it matter when a guy see's a women's shoulder I understand if its low cut it should be dress coded but "oh no! ITS A SHOULDER" this is stupid why would tank tops need a rule but they also have to be thick if you wear one too! Oh my god did you see her shoulder wow she is such a slut. That is stupid and purposeless for women and guys could got to school in a tank tops but we cant to me the school bored is sexist.

  • Dress codes are sexist

    Girls shouldn't have to be sent home or suspended or even get detention because boys can't control their hormones. Dress code are pretty ridiculous nowadays i mean no shorts that can't touch your fingers, what kind of clothing line makes shorts like that, especially for tall girls. Girls who have a height that are counted to be quite tall when they wear shorts they give a impression that are to be very short whereas if shorter girls they would look long. We can't do anything about that its the way we are born and how we get sent home because people can see our shoulders? News flash everyone has them and bras with girls we have to wear them, at least we are wearing them. It just frustrates me on how schools are being ridiculous. That's just my opinion on the topic.

  • No It shouldn't

    As a high school student myself I would like to wear a shirt that is cool without the worry of being dressed coded. I should be able have my shoulders showing. I mean seriously shoulders aren't that sexy. I do understand the want/need to make sure we don't look like whores but parents shouldn't let their kids leave the house looking like that. The dress code at least should less harsh

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