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  • Less stress, become the best.

    I believe that high school should reduce there time in the day just a little. The stress that teens go through in our generation is frightening. I think that the less stressed we are the better off we'd be with less school hours. It also makes sense that we would get better Grades and GPAs. Adults honestly have no clue of what our generations goes through. It's a new world out here now.

  • Yes high schools should have less hours

    I think so because children in high schools have a lot of work to put up with and this may cause less attention from the students to be shown. Students should have the right to take a rest from work and go home. They should be able to rest in the evening and when they are fully energized get to the books and show their best because they have a full and energized body and their brain will be able to function even better.

  • High schools should have less hours.

    Compared to Elementary and Middle schools, High school has the most work. Which, in my opinion, is rightfully so. However, high school has a lot of "required classes" that have to be taken. Most of these "required classes" are of no use. They only add to our school day, just to make it the standard 8 hours. By shortening the school hours, we can focus on classes that are needed for the "real world" and what we may find interesting.

  • No they shouldn't.

    I'm a high school student, and have very high levels of stress as do many of my peers. However I find that it is not hours of school that should be changed, it is the amount of homework we get set. This homework is the reason I find myself not enjoying school, as their are strict deadlines and only a certain amount of time in the day. Don't change the school hours! Change the homework!

  • High School Hours Should Remain the Same

    No, high schools should not have less hours in school as the seven hours a day currently may not even be enough. Too many of the United States' high school students already under perform, and lowering the number of educational hours for those students would not help matters at all.

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