• student rights earned

    My name is Diana V. I am a student at Foothill High School and I am writing an essay on whether or not high schools should have an open lunch campus. Here are some of my ideas. I believe sophomores and higher grade levels should be able to leave for lunch and come back by the next class. When the school keeps students on campus it makes the students want to leave. First of all, the food isn't as good as it would be for ex. At McDonald's or Taco bell, everyone knows cafeteria food is not that appetizing. For students to concentrate better, don't we need a good meal? I think so. Second of all, if the school is concerned about students "ditching" classes, it wouldn't be such a bad idea to keep track of attendance after lunch. Confront the student about their skipping and punish them for it. Punishment could mean cleaning the tables after everyone at lunch, after school detention, or taking away off campus privileges. Third of all, when students leave campus and COME BACK, it shows dedication to return and learn. Also students learn responsibility and it's helping us be ready for our independent life as adults. Thank you for taking your time reading this:)

  • Definetely a good idea

    Agree with all of those above :)

    An open campus could also save the school a whole lot of money. Less staff. There would be no need for people monitoring the hallways and cafeteria, and also substitute teachers wouldn't be necessary. Substitute teachers don't give the required acedemic education, and are usually only there to make sure the kids don't run away, but if there was an open campus, they wouldn't be necessary.

    Also, the school shouldn't be responsible for children that go off campus. Americans like to have someone to blame, but there is really no reason to give the scholl responsibility for someone who is not there. Sometimes the kids make stupid decisions, but it is the parents responsibility to teach them how to live a proper life, and show them the right way.

  • Do it for children

    At most schools. The budget for the kid's food is poor. The kids then don't get a lot of healthy food, which according to Michelle Obama, is the reason kids are getting overweight. If student's could go up and get other food that is healthier, why are schools holding them back?

  • It helps prove students are responsible

    By having the PRIVILIGE of being able to leave campus, will help students learn to be responsible with their time , and they will learn that if you abuse a privilege then there will be a punishment for your actions. If student abuses their privilege, then simply removethat privilege from said student

  • All high schools should have open campus lunch's

    All high schools should give the juniors and seniors leave campus to get lunch, whether its at home or a restaurant. If students leave and don't come back then suspend their license for a week and they'll learn responsibility and if not suspend them for the rest of the year.

  • What do the kids want?

    I'm doing an essay in my English class about high school off campus and I didn't have very many sources to give me facts why we should. So I did a survey for my class to take and when the results came back to me, 97% of my class agrees that they should be allowed off campus, right now its going through student council.

  • Schools should be open to the ideas of open campus

    Why? Because some students could take a really good advantage of it and use it responsibly. The actions of some should not speak louder for everyone as a whole. Understanding to the reasons of those who say no, open campus could honestly be a great thing on part of many. Why not try it?

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  • Some of the schools lunches are good and tasteful as wanted and needed .

    All this about nutrition is good but have you looked into the type of school lunches that are given to school lunches? The school that i go to don't give out much tasty food so i prefer to have an open campus to have more tastier food to eat during lunch.

  • We should not allow open campus lunches.

    High schools should not be allowed to have open campus lunches because this could be an open opportunity for mischief. Some students may leave and not come back to their classes. Some students have the opportunity to use drugs or consume alcohol while they are out on their lunch periods. Some students may very well abuse this privilege therefore, schools should not have open campus lunches.

  • It's very dangerous

    This could allow people to get hit by cars or intruders to enter. Since the doors would most likely be open that would allow intruders to come into the school. Students that cross the road could be put into dangerous situations. This overall is just simply to dangerous for high school students. Freshman age from 14-15 which is still VERY young.

  • No because of accidents

    Another concern for parents is the concern of students crashing is a high concern for parents and faculty. In the United States during 1998 and 1999 some school districts had experiences where students crashed around lunch time (Saslow 5). Students risk of crashing is very high around the lunch hour. “Crash rates over the lunch hours were significantly higher for teenagers” (6).Parents say that the students should stay in school for the students can have a nutritious lunch and the students won’t be able to miss any academic classes. The students may not learn how to be responsible when the students have the privilege to have ‘Open Campus’ lunch. The students could fall into peer pressure and get into trouble.

  • Rekin u skrubs

    Schools should not have open campus lunch. If they do, this increases student drug and alcohol use. Students can now go home when their parents are at work or out of the house to use these illegal substances.

    This will also cause more car crashes and tickets. Students will be rushing to their favorite places to get food. Just about everyone that buys a lunch says that the food is bad. Schools have a nutrition/health requirements so no matter how bad you think it is, its not THAT bad. At least you have food...

  • You guys that say yes are dumb

    1) The students wont even come back to the school. They'll just continue to skip school. 2) people will be bring lots of food that can be distraction in classrooms. 3) Of course this can increase the risk of accidents among tees that drive cars and don't know how to really drive

  • Yes because it would be awesome

    Yes we should have open campus lunch because it would give you the options for healthier foods, learn to cook, better tasting food, money management, responsibility, meet new people, make new friends, school seems less like prison, give us more time to be our selves, less of a job, nice break, not enough food, parents could sign a wavier to allow children to go.

  • These stupid kids

    These kids thing they can go out for lunch most of these kids will just leave the school and not come back till the net day and keep doing this until they loose their privilege of going somewhere else to eat because all it takes is one person to ruin everything

  • No monkey buspoop

    Students will have problems getting back into the school because there are over 1,500 students and then how would they all go a an establishment and then they would not be able to get food . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

  • It would decrease school productivity

    There is a chance of the kids getting into accidents because of the lunch hour rush, they would damage their health since they would most likely go to a fast food place damaging their health, and they would have the chance to do drugs, drink alcohol, and not come back to school if this was allowed.

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