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  • Yes, Its good for youtubers like me
    thats my youtube channel id love it if you can subscribe to me <3 im really big youtube channel and well known in the gaming community if there is anything i love more than Vlogs ... Well there isnt but my family and my girlfriend. Id love to vlogs outta school and in school but if my school gets it eceryone else should <3 thx

  • High schools should have an open campus.

    High schools should have an Open Campus. Kids would have a much wider variety to choose from, rather than just food from home and nasty school food. Kids would also be able to just have a break from school grounds, and just relax during lunch. Then can then come back ready to learn.

  • The food quality at our school isn't the problem.

    Though the quality of lunch at school isn't the best, that isn't the whole problem. Many kids would get better fed, save money, and as a result may even get better grades by having open campus. A problem seen is that the school is reliable for it's students, and students can't/shouldn't be trusted. I think a way to satisfy both the student and the teacher party would be to have a "zero-tolerance" policy, where a student may initially have open campus, but as soon as they violate whatever rules are set for open campus (or existing campus rules), the privilege of open campus is no longer available for them.

  • Yes to Open Campus

    High School students are becoming older and wiser and as a result deserve the responsibility of having the option to go off campus. Everyone knows that school lunch is very unappetizing and can even make some kids not want to eat. These students are older and can handle the danger that may come with the option.

  • Open campus lunch should be an option

    High schools should have open campus lunch to allow students additional options to satisfy their nutritional needs. School cafeteria are notorious for sub-par food quality, and allowing students to use other establishments may help remedy the problem. When the school cafeteria has a monopoly on serving school lunches, it has no incentive to improve the food quality.

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  • High schools should not have open campus lunch.

    High school students should not be allowed to leave campus when they are on lunch break because it is too dangerous. Teachers and security guards cannot watch kids if they leave campus. They could get into trouble and then the school would be responsible for letting them leave in the first place.

  • Schools should have closed campus lunch

    Open campus lunches are a relic of a bygone era and should not be allowed. Once a student arrives at school, the safest course of action is to keep them there until dismissal time. The temptations are too great and teenagers are too likely to take risks to allow them the freedom to leave campus. Additionally, the discipline issues that would arise during the immediate time after return to campus would cause a decease in the amount of learning time available.

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