• High schools should have uniforms.

    It is important for high schools to have uniforms in order to maintain discipline. If students have the freedom to wear whatever they want, they might dress in a sexual manner which could cause other students to lose their concentration. Students should be conservative when they are in the classroom.

  • Yes, it curtails competition.

    If a high school had a uniform that the students had to wear, even in terms of an informal one set by a dress code, then those students would not have to worry about competing with each other and being able to afford high end clothing. Modesty and education would also be fostered.

  • Should have option to have uniforms

    I think high schools should have the option to have uniforms but leave the option up to students. If students want the uniforms they should be used and if they don't then they should just adhere to a dress code. If students break a dress code repeatedly then a uniform should be given to them.

  • It's A Good Idea

    I believe uniforms in the school setting can create a different frame of mind for students. Students can not compare clothing and talk about fashion while at school and they also present a more serious appearance. I think uniforms help mimic work life and basically help make schools a more neutral territory.

  • Yes, they make school easier.

    Yes, high schools should have uniforms, because it gives students one less thing to think about. My high school in Australia, where I was an exchange student, had uniforms, and it was very easy to roll out of bed and not have to think about what to put on. It makes students happier to know others are dressed like them too.

  • Why should they?

    Alot of people argue that having a uniform for everyone will reduce bullying. But why would it? Many also think that it gives students a sense of belonging. That may be true, but alot of high-schools are required to have students were 200 dollar blazers. Tell me, what if you buy a 200 dollar blazer and it gets ruined, or your child has an unexpected groth spurt and you can't return it? Then what? That's 200 dollars down the drain. Well kids, I guess we're not eating this week, I have to buy another blazer for your sister.

  • No goes against freedom

    Uniforms in schools go against a basic freedom. Kids are not signing up for schools they are required to be there. Since they have to be there they should not be robbed of their freedom to choose how to dress as well. If kids signed up for school and in turn agreed to all their rules it would be different.

  • No Uniforms for High Schools

    High schools and other schools should not have uniforms or uniform requirements for their students. Only private schools should even consider this option. In reality, uniforms don't solve problems with student behavior and don't make students act any better during school. Therefore, they are mostly useless in this day and age.

  • No, uniforms are expensive and take away individual expression.

    Children have so few choices as it is in their lives. Their wardrobes are one of the few things that they have control over, that they can use to express themselves when they are told to toe the line else wise. School uniforms are a costly burden on families who can get clothing second hand elsewhere, too.

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