Should High Schools open at a later time? (like 8:00)

Asked by: King_Sora14
  • Of course you should!

    ANY school that starts before 8:00 is starting WAY too early! Especially high school! As they go through these years they have more trouble falling asleep at early times making them stay up later. It's unhealthy for children/teens to be getting this small amount of sleep. They should get 8 hours per night or more. And if they are less tired, they can pay more attention and learn more. Benefiting the students even more and the school itself. Also, many students don't want to wake up early so they wake up at a time that gives them enough time to get ready and that is it. When doing this they often don't have enough time for a complete breakfast or even a breakfast at all. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day (what a cliche).

  • Of Course They Should

    A large amount of students are being marked down tardy everyday for coming in late to class. Late because the they had to stay up studying or finishing the ridiculous amount of homework a teacher gives on a daily bases. In order for a student to get sufficient amount of sleep is to have school start at 9:00a.M. By that time everyone is ready to start their day feeling more awake. Starting at a later time allows the students to pay more attention to what is being taught so they are more likely to remember and learn the material. Besides be giving the students more time it would reduce the amount of vehicle crashes caused by teen, since they will not be in a rush trying to making it to school before the tardy bell rings. Its a win win situation ,with a simple solution, open schools at a later time.

  • Sleep is just as important as education.

    If schools take too much time and effort out of you, and you are losing sleep because they open so early; is that not bad? In order for education to be successful you must have a certain capability of brain function, otherwise any attempt at learning is futile. It is a basic necessity for young adults to get some decent hours of sleep. 8-9 on average.

  • The schools should

    We teenagers are still developing knowledge. Starting school at like 7:00 is ridiculous. Due to our bodies turning us into young adults, we need to sleep so we can face the next day with energy. The more sleep, the more energy and the more focus we will be in our classes.

  • Nah i enjoy the earl lee days

    There are innumerable arguments against the premise that school begins too early. Because of this, none consider that more than two opinions say cheese. When counting a fish by its hairs, one or seven? No more chickens! No more grass feeding in the house. Exactly, I rest my case. Gorilla noises... Too dream. On a boat. Once or thrice.

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