Should high schools require communtiy service for graduation?

  • Community Service Help

    High schools should require community service for graduation. Community service provides good character, civic awareness, and personal growth. You become a better person, you also have a higher self esteem due to you helping others. Students should do community service. I am in National Honor Junior Society at Canarelli Middle School, we are required to do 20 hours of service to help others. In conclusion, high schools should require community service in order for graduation.

  • Community Service helps student develop on respect and good character traits.

    In my opinion, Community service is a great way to help students learn to become more respectful and more aware of what's going on around them. It not only helps our community, but it also helps the student who is doing community service as well. Community service should be a requirement for graduation.

  • The students future

    I think students should at least do one thing for the community before they graduate. They'll have no choice but to do it and it might help them learn how to support the community. Doing community service support their future two ways: 1: future from graduating. 2: it could come in handy.

  • High Schools should require community service for graduation!

    I support the argument that high schools should require students to do community service because I believe that students who are graduating high school are mature enough to take on the responsibility that they are required to have for their community. So, they must own up to their responsibility by starting at a very young age, in order to fulfill what they are expected of.

  • High school require communtiy service

    Yes, because they could get ready for wok for when they can do more things in life and u should have do lot of work and that they would not just be lazy and they would be able and that they would take on the responsibility they are required to do.

  • I picked yes for community service.

    I think it should because it will help out on the community by helping picking up trash around, help homeless shelters, or plant trees or plants. It would help the community much better than having workers do the job, so you should require community service because its helpful and good.

  • Community service should be a requirement

    Community service should be a requirement for high school as it builds good character and gives an idea of what its like to have an actual job that helps others. The community doesn't get enough help with places and could use the extra help. Community service helps to see what is really needed in the world and is an opportunity to help it.

  • I think it should be required for several reasons.

    I think that high schools should require community service for graduation because in the district, we have more opportunities to do the things we want to do. But not everyone is blessed with the same opportunities. It should also be required because we as a community should stop being greedy with our resources, and share them with others who are less fortunate.

  • I believe that community service should be required among student for multiple reasons.

    First off, most of the students in high school have been fortunate enough to have all the opportunity that they do. The least that they can do is help those in need. Helping people that are less fortunate builds character and a good foundation for better citizens. Also, colleges are more likely to accept students that have done community service than those who haven't. This is because people with that kind of background are prone to be well rounded people.

  • Yes high school students should do community service.

    High school students should do community service to graduate, because then they are proving that they are responsible and show that they are willing to graduate by doing this service to help out. This is also good, because now you are showing you're a good person, willing to do a tiny thing to help and to graduate. This is also good way to learn and experience what goes on in life and what you sometimes have to do in life, to keep your house or community nice and clean.

  • No no no no

    It at times exploits the beliefs of the students.
    Schools having students doing community service can also cut into their beliefs and social norms. If a student does not believe in doing something because it’s against their beliefs’, then they should not have to do it. One example would be students being asked to do their community service by helping raise money for the local community. This would tend to raise many parents’ eyebrows, because many religious families don’t believe in such behavior.

  • No no no

    Many have a lot to do already with clubs and after school activites. Also, personal problems might get in the way of getting hours. School work also could prevent them, because of projects, tests, and homework. Without the time, they can' take on the responsibility to graduate from high school.

  • You should not have to work you way to college, as you are already are!

    I do not agree with the requirements, i understand that community service can be a good thing for adolescents, but it should not be neccesary. I do not wish for people to be forced to do work to get to college. I wouldnt mind, but others would... Not everybody will like that, and that will tick many teens my age off. Adolescents are already working for college, most likely, but the community service is just annoying to them. You may think of me as less than smart, but it is true. My perspective may change over the years, but at this point, im not looking forward to community service. But like i said, im only 15, my perspective may or may not change on this topic. Honestly, i dont mind :)

  • We don't have enough of time

    School really takes over time, they have homework to do, tests to study for... Many even have to help their families. A lot of students are stressed over school work already, we shouldn't add something else to make it tougher. Community service is a good thing, but if you force them to do it they will not enjoy it or learn anything, because it comes from our mind, they have to do it without anyone forces them to, that is what makes them a good person. Force them to do it, they will do it for sure but they just do it but it doesn't mean anything to them.

  • Difficult to get hours

    Many have a lot to do already with clubs and after school activites. Also, personal problems might get in the way of getting hours. School work also could prevent them, because of projects, tests, and homework. Without the time, they can' take on the responsibility to graduate from high school.

  • Community service not needed

    Community service for high school is unbenifitial and should not be manitory. Children participating in community service takes out of their studying and homework time. Also a child should only volunteer if they feel like instead of being forced to and in other words they're not even really helping out but are just doing what they have to and getting it over with. Why treat a teen like a criminal forced to do community service. What does that do for them except make them think of high as the worst years of their life?

  • Why people should do community service.

    People should do community service, because they need to know how to help the world and not always be on their phone and letting the word pass them of filth and trash. Another reason is that if people don't help clean the world then they will never know how to work with people, and could always get into fights because they don't know how to cooperate with people. That is why people should do community service before they graduate.

  • Kids should not have to do community service to graduate.

    The Reason i believe that kids should not have to do community service to graduate because in school they already have to keep up their grades why should they have to do community service as well? All tho i do believe that there should be a program where kids could volunteer to help the community for extra credit or something along hose lines.

  • Not enough time

    I say no because some kids dont have enough time to do communtiy service. Some kids are stock piled with home work and projects all ready. So adding on 40 hours of community service will just make the whole situiation worse for the student. So thats why i say no.

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